Canada Immigration Attorney - Do I really need one?

The answer is: "Yes and No."

NO for the reason that the Canadian Immigration Law is supposed to be based on common sense, reason, and fairness.

YES for the reason that the way law is actually written today, it is nearly not possible for most college graduates to understand what many immigration rules mean.

And when it comes to immigration appeals, going it alone, in several situations, is taking a big risk. The harder the case, the more you need an Canada Immigration attorney or Canada Immigration Lawyer.

Today, more than ever earlier, immigration law can appear heartless to immigrants trying to enter the Canada. When it comes to expulsion defense and immigration court, the circumstances are dimmer.

For lots of immigrants, immigration law appears to pay no attention to their needs. Repeatedly, diligent and deserving immigrants wait years for their PR to be processed.

Of course, it's not sufficient to have a Canada Immigration Lawyer who cares. A Canada Immigration lawyer must also have the courage to stand up for you under any state of affairs . . . to challenge authorities by offering fresh interpretations of little known rules and court decisions.

The Conclusion
Do you need a Canada immigration attorney?

Only you can reply this question. If you make a decision to hire a Canada immigration lawyer, two things should stand out:
(1) You must feel very comfortable with the Canada Immigration Lawyer selected.
(2) You have to feel confident in that lawyer's ability to make a positive difference in your case.

Immigration Attorney Canada

An Immigration Attorney Canada may help you in all aspects of Canadian Immigration. There are a lot of rules and regulations leading Canada immigration that modify from year to year. The immigration attorney Canada is always up-to-date with these changes. These change owing to new rules like the current Action Plan for Faster Immigration that increased the figure of skilled workers coming in and reduced applicants in non-approved fields. Other reasons comprise the current recession or changes in government management.

For the year 2009, only 265,000 qualified applicants will be permissible into the country. These applications take about 12 to 26 months to process not including the application's homework time. Arrival after authorization must be within one year from the date of an applicant's medical tests. Though, work permits and temporary visas may need that the applicants move within a few months. A Canada Immigration Attorney is always aware of these facts in order to guide you more accurately.

The government of Canada no longer provides assistance with applications for immigration. Basic information, application strategy, and suggestions are obtainable, but it is up to the person, or a company hired by the person, to fill out the paperwork. Attorneys on Canada immigration can be hired to assist with the application process and decide the appropriateness of an applicant. They can respond lots of of the applicant's questions. Immigration laws are strict and may decline applications based on technicalities since they take delivery of so many.

So if you want a hassle free immigration to Canada, you may hire a Canada Immigration Attorney so as to process your case smoothly.

2007 Applicants from Pakistan | Canadian Immigration Forum

The current immigration time from CHC Islamabad is defined as 77 months. Whereas remaining immigration files are being tranferred to CHC London where the processing time for old applicants is 44 months.

People who applied from CHC Islamabad in 2007 can share their queries and concerns in the comments below

Alberta Immigration Nominee Program - International Graduate Class

Are you seeking to live and work in Alberta lastingly? Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) can definitely help you in your Canadian immigration process. The AINP is a program started by the Government of Alberta and was reveal by the Immigration and Employment Ministry together with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

There are a variety of categories under which an applicant can submit an application for immigration in Alberta. The international graduate class is one of the categories that come in AINP. This category includes skilled occupations which need the applicants to have some proper education or specialized training in the profession under which he is submitting an application. These occupations are classify as Skill Level 0, A or B under the National Occupation Classification (NOC) Code.

Following are the decisive factors for AINP candidates under the International Graduate Category:

•If an applicant has completed his education in Alberta, he must have a diploma or degree from an authorized institution. Or, he should have completed his graduation from a public funded area college or some private institution which must be government authorized.
•If the candidate has completed his education outside Alberta but from Canada merely, then his qualification must be equal to a graduate level program from an approved college or institution.
•The time phase of the graduation program must be a minimum of two years at the undergraduate level or at least one year at the graduate level.
•An international graduate must have been tenable as a permanent full-time employee with an employer in Alberta.
•AINP can also think about those candidates who have completed their education from Alberta public or private post-secondary schools.
•The work permit for an international graduate has to be for a lowest of six months with an employer in a skilled occupation.

So, if you are scheduling to migrate to Alberta and carry out the above criteria, then your chances to be migrated are fairly high.

Fraud Marriage Immigration to Canada

Consider this condition. A woman lives in India but has big plans to move to Canada. Additionally, she has some relatives living in Manitoba too. But at this time, she is not at all eager to get into any boring documentation process or go for a long wait. So, all she needs to do is find a Canadian groom and marry him! As simple as that… (Not a private opinion, but statistics indicate in this direction).

After marrying him, she would be given a PR status and later, all she is required to do is settle herself, begin a new life and abandon him. And those who get involved in fraud marriage hardly face exile.

As said by Richard Kurland, who is a Canadian immigration lawyer in Vancouver, it is one of the most critical and gigantic problems in the world of immigration. The only people who suffer and get hurt are the national of Canadians.

Every year, hundreds and hundreds of people get engage in fraud marriage (unions which are done for the purpose of Immigration). As far as the statistics are concerned, almost 45,000 people moved to the country as spouses in the year 2009.

In accordance with a spokesman from Canada Border Services Agency, last year 14,762 people faced deportation and so how many of them faced deportation due to fraud marriages.

Regardless of what the statistics say, marriages done for the purpose of immigration always face a threat of deportation sooner or later. Always go for authentic and legal path to immigrate to any country.

How Many People Will Immigrate To Canada In 2010?

As per Canadian Minister of Immigration, Canada will continue to welcome historically high numbers of immigrants, but Canada need to deal with the figure of new applications or risk creating new backlogs and longer processing times. Canada has more than sufficient applications readily available now to fill lots of professional needs, and Canada want to be fair to those people who have been waiting the longest.

The intended range for 2010 is 240,000 – 265,000 immigrants. CIC usually achieves the midpoint of this range. In 2010, CIC expect achieving the upper end of this range, allowing Canada to welcome more immigrants in the economic category than initially planned. This includes federal skilled workers and record-level numbers of provincial nominees, without dropping the number in the family or humanitarian immigration categories.

Even with upper numbers of economic immigrants, Canada still receives loads of more applications than can be processed in a judicious way. Consequently, the department is limiting the number of new applications it will think about in the federal skilled worker category every year. But old applications will be the most beneficiary of the new system.

NOC 7215: Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades

Overview of Occupation (7215 Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades):
The occupation of Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades is one of the newly added occupations in the recently brought out list of 29 occupations for immigration under federal skilled worker program. This group comprises contractors from the woodwork and the cabinetmaking trade who own and run a business. It also involves supervisors who organize the work being done by different workers. These mostly include cabinetmakers and carpenters. These people are frequently recruited by carpentry contractors, construction companies, and industrial organizations with a maintenance department and so on.

Description of NOC 7215 Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades:
This unit group comprises carpentry and cabinetmaking trade contractors who possess and manage their own businesses. This group, in addition, includes supervisors who supervise and organize the activities of workers classified in the following unit groups:
1. Carpenters (7271) and
2. Cabinetmakers (7272)
They are in a job by construction companies, woodwork contractors, repairs departments of industrial establishments, and custom furniture and fixture manufacturing or repair companies.

Education and Employment Requirements of NOC 7215 Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades:
•Achievement of secondary school is typically required.
•Several years of experience as a qualified carpenter or cabinetmaker are necessary.
•Journeyman/woman trade certification as a carpenter or cabinetmaker is generally required.

Major Duties of NOC 7215 Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades:
Contractors and supervisors in this unit group carry out a few or all of the following duties:
•Establish methods to meet work schedules and co-ordinate work activities with other departments
•Ensure standards for safe working conditions are observed
•Prepare schedules and other reports
•Supervise, organize and plan the activities of carpenters who construct, renovate and maintain structures of wood and other building materials and build and install interior finishing in residential, commercial and industrial buildings; and of cabinetmakers that construct and repair custom wooden cabinets, furniture, fixtures and related products
•May manage the operations of own company
•May also supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of related apprentices, helpers and laborers.
•Requisition materials and supplies
•Resolve work problems and recommend work measures to improve productivity
•Train or arrange for training of workers
•Recommend workers actions such as hiring and promotions

Example Titles of NOC 7215 Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades:
o Supervisor, Carpenters
o Foreman/Woman, Framers
o Foreman/Woman, Maintenance Carpenters
o Cabinetmaking Contractor
o Carpentry Contractor
o Foreman/Woman, Finish Carpenters
o Foreman/Woman, Form Builders

Why Canada Immigration

There are a lot of people who feel affection for the idea of living in a new country. For these people immigration is one respond. Of the numerous countries that people think as being good to live in, you will find that Canada seems to peak the list. While getting a traveler visa is rather easy you will find the route to getting Canada immigration rather difficult.

The routes to submit an application for a Canadian immigration visa are different for a variety of people who are applying. You will require to look at the request form to see what items are wanted before you fill out the form. Once you have leaf through these items you can use the extra information which is provided on the internet. This basis of information will let you know what the present rules for immigration are like. One of the things that you will find is that the government of Canada will permit you to register your applications for two diverse forms of nationality status. This means that you can submit an application to be a permanent resident of Canada at the same time as you are still on a temporary status form.

This is documented as double intent. Now if you are preparation on visiting Canada on a work permit you must understand that you will not be regarded as a occupant. You must make sure that you have a variety of details which are needed for your application to be passed. The Canada immigration office can give you with these details. For other people they have the right to submit an application for the Canada immigration visa. Here you will be allowed to live wherever in Canada. While you are not measured as a citizen you will still have many of these rights and the everyday jobs which are part of this right.

When you submit an application for a Canada immigration visa you will need to present all of the details that you are asked for. In addition you will need to understand that if you misrepresent any of these details or you decline to provide the documents that you are asked then not only will you be refused admission into the country but not be allowable to re-apply for immigration into Canada. While these laws may sound hard they are put in place to give lawful travelers who want to be alive in Canada and have a good life the chance that they desire. Once you have passed from side to side on all aspects of your Canada immigration you are prepared to live or visit anywhere in Canada that you want.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) | U.S. Visa Holder Category | Alberta Immigration

There are a variety of categories for immigrants which come in this program based on which an applicant can submit an application for immigration. One of the types is the US Visa Holder class. This category is destined for those candidates who are now working in the United States on a temporary skilled worker visa. The reason of this class is to promote the entry of US visa holders who are working temporarily in the United States to Alberta so as to strengthen the permanent labor force of province. Such candidates are quite high in demand in Alberta.

If you are looking forward to settle and work in Alberta permanently? Then Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) can surely help you realize your dreams of seeking better opportunities for life. The AINP has been started by Government of Alberta and the Immigration and Employment Ministry in association with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in concern with immigration procedure to Alberta.

The eligibility criterion for this category include the following conditions:
•An applicant must have worked for at least one year in the United States in any one of the qualifying visa categories as mentioned above.
•The current profession of an applicant must come under AINP Occupation under Pressure List for the Strategic Requirement Stream-US Visa Holder Category (this list may include certain changes depending upon Alberta’s current needs in labour market).
•An applicant must be able to demonstrate his intentions and abilities to live permanently in Alberta.
•An applicant must be currently an employee of the United States employer.
•He must be having a valid visa in one of the following categories- H-1B, H-1B1, H-1C, E-3 to show it as proof when the CIC accepts the application of the candidate.

There can be inclusion of other conditions as well, for that one must refer to the official website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

6241 Chefs | Canada Immigration

Chefs are at categorized on the List of 29 Occupations which is released to applicants seeking immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. People anxious with the profession of Chefs are in high demand in the country and comprise professions like working in cooking industry, including restaurants, hotels, and clubs in addition to some working in health care institutions too.

Qualifying Criteria of 6241 Chefs for Immigration:

•Executive chefs are required to show management training, as well as other necessary aspects like several years of experience.
•Specialist chefs are required to demonstrate experience in commercial food preparation.
•It is obligatory for the applicant to complete secondary Schooling and he must have done additional trade or professional certification like Hotel management degree or diploma
•Must have worked as a chef for at least one year during last ten years and have overall work experience of at least 3-4 years.

Duties & Responsibilities of 6241 Chefs:

•Sous-chefs are required to perform duties like supervising activities, planning menus, preparing meals, to name a few.
•Executive chefs are required to plan and direct food related activities like preparation and maintaining hygiene in all conditions. The applicant needs to discuss with clients in relation to organization the weddings and other such functions. Planning menus, supervising activities, purchasing equipment and recruit staff members are other such facets which are required to be taken care of.
•Chefs and specialist chefs perform duties like preparing specialty meals like pastries and sauces; instructing and supervising cooks, to name a few.

New 29 Occpations List of Canadian Immigration

 Update 2012: Canadian government has stopped accepting new immigration applications under FSW program till Jan 2013.

Previous Note: The Canadian Immigration New list for 2011-2012 is same. Only the cap is decreased to 10,000 / year. To see details see Canadian Skilled Occupation List 2011-2012

Canada has changed its previous list of 38 demanded occupations on 26 June 2010. These criteria have an effect on you only if you applied on or after June 26, 2010. If your request was received before June 26, 2010, it will be processed consistent with the rules that were in effect at that time.

Following 29 highly demanded professions come in new list. If you are a skilled worker who has had one year of continuous full-time or corresponding part-time paid work experience in no less than one of the following eligible occupations within the last 10 years:

3233: Licensed Practical Nurses | Canada Immigration

Healthcare industry is of the greatest significance to any country as it unswervingly deals with the well being of the citizens of the country. This is the cause that nurses as a line of work is very important for the healthiness industry of the country. Keeping the burning need of nurses in mind this occupation has been included under the list of 29 required occupations under which a candidate can submit an application for the immigration and permanent resident status in Canada under skilled worker category.

Qualifying and Decesive Factors of 3233 Licensed Practical Nurses:
•It is obligatory to have a degree of completion of either a vocational or college program for licensed practical nurses.
•They must clear the exam of Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination in all the regions and territories except Quebec.
•The people who come in the category of Operation room Technicians must have done some course in their specific field or some practical training and work experience.
•It is essential to be registered with a regulatory body in all the regions and provinces.

Duties and Responsibilities of 3233 Licensed Practical Nurses:
Licensed practical nurses are requisite to carry out the following duties:
•They give medicines to patients and they also observe and keep the record of therapeutic effects on patients.
•They are also accountable to take care of patients needs before and after the surgery.
•They observe and note the progress of the patient.
•They give nursing services to patients on the basis of the assessment of the patient.
•They perform the basic duties of nurse such as applying aseptic, sterile dressing, monitoring nutritional consumption and collecting specimens for various medical purposes.
•They consult the patients and individuals on safety and health education.

Operating room technicians are required to perform the following duties:
•During the surgery, they help the doctors and nurses by performing small tasks such as passing the instruments etc.
•They also uphold the hygiene of the operating room by cleaning and sterilizing the room and instruments.
•They perform the essential hygiene activities such as they wash, shave and sterilize the patient before the operation.
•They help in the surgical procedure by laying out the instruments, setting up the equipment for the surgery.

If you are whichever a nurse or an operating room technician who accomplish the above qualifying requirements and able of performing the necessary duties, then your chances of migration to Canada are high. To know more you can write to us in comments for further information and specialized assistance.

3222: Dental Hygienists & Dental Therapists | Canada Immigration

The requirement of dental hygienists and dental therapists (NOC 3222) has grown significantly for last few years. This is for the reason that the growing consciousness among people about oral cleanliness and dental care. This is the cause that Dental hygienist has been incorporated in the list of twenty nine demanded occupations introduced by Citizenship and Immigration of Canada at 26 June 2010, under which an applicant can submit an application for immigration and everlasting resident status in Canada .

Qualifying Criteria of 3222 Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists for Immigration to Canada:

1. Must have an experience of at least one year as Dental Hygienists & Dental Therapists.
2. Must have an experience of extra (besides one year as mentioned in three above) two to three years in other positions; general experience (post qualification) of two to four years.
3. They could be totally fledged Dentists who go onto perform related duties. They may have completed their college degree in this subject which may range from one to two years. Or they must have a degree of completion of course in dental hygiene under some renowned governing board of their province.

Duties and Responsibilities of 3222 Dental Hygienists & Dental Therapists:
1. Dental hygienists are required perform the following tasks:
•To prevent any decay in tooth or roots, they remove stains or any solid material deposited in teeth.
•They help in the cleaning of the gums of the patient to avoid any gum diseases.
•They may be asked to supervise the dental assistants as well.
•They also perform the fluoride treatment if required.
•If required, they take X-rays of the patient and also develop its reports.
•Under the instruction of the dentist, they may even be asked to carry out orthodontic procedures.
•They consult with other dentists in relation with patient’s care.
•They asses the patient’s problem and conduct the necessary dental assessment.
•They observe the patient’s dental problems.
•They also counsel the patients on various oral hygiene issues.

2. Dental therapists are required to perform some/all of the following tasks:

•They can even be asked to do the supervision of the work of dental assistants.
•They also perform basic tasks such as drilling and filling the cavities, extracting teeth.
•They also perform the task of removing stains or any solid deposits from tooth.
•They perform the treatment of applying fluoride.
•They also counsel the patient on oral hygiene to avoid any dental problem.
•They consult with the dentists on various issues in relation to patient’s care.
•They conduct the dental assessments of the patient.
•They note down the dental observations.
•They could be asked to take X-rays of the patient and also develop its reports.

Separately from above, there can be other duties which can be predictable from the expert to perform. If you are either a Dental Hygienists or Dental Therapists who accomplish the above requirements and eager to migrate to Canada, you can write to us in comments below.

3142: Physiotherapists | Canada Immigration

The type of physiotherapists is one of the occupations listed in the 29 most demanded occupations for the Canada’s General Skilled Migrant Program. This profession being present in the listing means that the Canadian government is engaging foreign trained physiotherapists to look for permanent resolution options in Canada. A physiotherapist is working in hospitals, treatment centers, clinics, sports organizations and so on. They can also run their own personal practice.

Qualifying and decisive factors of 3142 Physiotherapists:
•The candidate must have a degree in physiotherapy together with practical training done under supervision.
•A claimant for must have a knowledge of at least one year as a physiotherapist.
•A person should have experience of around 2-4 years; real number of years of experience to submit an application under this profession is dependent on many factors for example whether the applicant is married and his English language skills.

Duties and Responsibilities of 3142 Physiotherapists:
A physiotherapist is expected to carry out some or all of the duties stated below:
1. Planning and executing programs which involves education, therapeutic exercise, massage, manipulation and with the use of other mechanical equipment etc.
2. They have the option of specializing in any particular clinical area such as pediatrics, neurology, and orthopedics and so on.
3. They might have to conduct research in physiotherapy.
4. Evaluating the physical abilities of a patient via functional ability tests.
5. Assessing the effectiveness of the treatment and amending them as per the needs.
6. Based on the physical diagnosis, chalking out the goals for the treatment.
7. Maintenance of records for clinical as well as statistical and consulting with other professionals from the health care industry.

Despite the above, there are other duties which are expected to carry out by a physiotherapist in Canada. If you are a physiotherapist who is seeking immigration to Canada, do not delay in writing to us in the comments below.

3131: Pharmacists | Canada Immigration

Pharmacy being a popular niche field and attract many candidates to choose for this program in colleges. Due to this widespread perception of the people, the country saw an increase in the number of students opting to study the discipline of pharmacy. This has clearly led to a gradual increase in the demand of pharmacists in the country. As an urbanized nation, Canada is bound to expand new drugs which could improve in further developments. With fewer figures of pharmacists in Canada, doors have absolutely opened for the foreign trained pharmacists to look for permanent settlement opportunities in the nation. This profession is present in Canada’s new list of 29 occupations for immigration under federal skilled worker program to Canada. A candidate under this occupation can be working in a pharmacy shop or at hospital. He could furthermore be employed with manufacturing companies in a capacity where the designated staff must have pharmacy as a qualification.

Qualifying Criteria for Immigration of 3131 Pharmacists:

1. The candidate must have a Bachelors and / or masters of degree in pharmacy.
2. A claimant for Immigration under this category must have experience of at least one year as a pharmacist or connected field that required qualifications as a pharmacist
3. In general, a person must have experience of around 2-4 years; tangible number of years of experience to submit an application under this occupation is reliant on many factors such as whether the applicant is married and his English language skills.

Duties and Responsibilities of 3131 Pharmacists:

Some of the common duties of a pharmacist vary consistent with this title or designation. A society or a hospital pharmacist is predictable to provide some or all of the duties mentioned below:

•Advising and dispensing (the pharmaceutical drugs) to customers and professionals from the health care sector.
•Keeping a record of the customers’ medication profile which also includes the registry of narcotic, poisons and other controlled drugs.
•The applicant must check the instruction for the suitable dosage of the drug.
•Filling the right containers in suitable amounts with the compound agreed (pharmaceutical product) by calculating, measuring and mixing the various amounts of drugs with other ingredients.
•Maintaining and order stock of supplies of various pharmaceuticals.

Alternatively, some of the duties that an industrial pharmacist is expected to perform are:
•Testing products for constancy. Also, inferring the elimination and the absorption patterns.
•Quality control of new products to meet the required standards during production.
though, for both the above mentioned pharmacists, the job description might involve much more than what has been mentioned.
•Taking part in research initiatives for developing new drugs.
•Product formulation for drugs developed by medical researchers.

3113 Dentists | Canada Immigration

Dentist is a demanding profession in Canada and include in the 29 professions list of Canadian Immigration. Dentists diagnose, treat, check and control disorders of the teeth and mouth. They work in private practice or might be employed in hospitals, clinics, public health facilities or universities.

Example Titles of 3113 Dentists:
o Dentist
o General Practice Dentist
o Implantologist – Dentistry
o Oral And Dental Surgeon
o Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon
o Oral Medicine Specialist
o Oral Pathologist
o Dental Officer – Military
o Dental Surgeon
o Public Health Dentist
o Specialist, Oral Medicine
o Stomatologist
o Surgeon, Dental
o Surgeon, Oral
o Surgeon, Oral And Maxillofacial
o Dentist, Public Health
o Doctor Of Dental Surgery
o Endodontist
o Oral Pathology And Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist
o Oral Radiologist
o Oral Surgeon
o Orthodontist
o Pediatric Dentist
o Pedodontist
o Periodontist
o Prosthodontist
Main duties of 3113 Dentists:
Dentists carry out some or all of the following duties:
•Clean teeth and instruct patients on oral hygiene.
•Design bridgework, fit dentures and provide appliances to correct abnormal positioning of the teeth and jaws, or write fabrication instructions or prescriptions for use by denturists and dental technicians.
•Supervise dental hygienists, dental assistants and other staff.
•Examine patients' teeth, gums and surrounding tissue to diagnose disease, injury and decay and plan appropriate action.
•Restore, extract and replace diseased and decayed teeth.
•Perform oral surgery, periodontal surgery and other treatments.
•Dentists may specialize in such areas as oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, oral pathology, oral radiology or public health dentistry.

Employment requirements for 3113 Dentists:
•One to four years of pre-dentistry university studies, or, in Quebec, completion of a college program in sciences
A university degree from a recognized dental program are required.
•Licensing by a provincial or territorial regulatory body is required.
•Dentists in general practice can move into a particular practice through higher training.
•Licensing for specializations is requisite.

Why Canadian Economy is better than US Economy

The United States has long prided itself as being a international superpower, and as a result, celebrating all the things that come with that heading. Which is namely, being clever to claim you’re the most excellent at most things?
But it looks like Canada can now boldly say it is lastly better than the U.S. at one thing i.e. economic management.
The LA Times ran a part on why Canada’s economy is challenging the nearly ever-present trends of economic depression troubling the developed world. And it gives details why the U.S. is still stressed to get better from the global downturn while Canada has approximately shrugged off its effects.
“We did many things right going into the financial crisis,” Glen Hodgson, senior vice president at the Conference Board of Canada, told.
It all happening in the 1990s, when Canada could have simply been a contemporary member of Europe’s “PIIGS” — an short form referring to Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain, countries with bloated debts and sputtering economies. Canada too had a bloated liability in the early ‘90s. It also faced credit rating cuts across the board, and saw borrowing costs spike as a result.
But that’s not the only thing Canada has done improved than the U.S. The Times for example points out that Canada’s banks were heralded as beacons of constancy after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the launch of the credit crisis in 2008. Banks here are comparatively traditional compared to their American counterparts — exposure to sub-prime loans was low and home equity lines, which contributed to the credit crisis in the U.S., are recent offerings in Canada.
Another interesting facet of Canada’s economic achievement is attributed to the treatment of immigration. The Times says that while Canada admits 60% of its immigrants as “economic immigrants” — that is skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors — only one in seven such immigrants to the U.S. match those criteria.
And that might not change anytime soon. Because illegal immigration is such a leading topic in the U.S., making changes to the country’s immigration system tend to take a back seat in policy conversation. That means Washington will likely carry on highlighting bringing in family members of present immigrants over targeting highly-skilled workers. Which is simply counter-intuitive, since such people are so vital to today’s knowledge-based economy.
So will the U.S. wake and adopt Canada’s best practices? Even though all of the above issues have been discussed (and expansively debated) in Congress, it seems improbable. The immigration issue doesn’t look like it will be tackled anytime soon, considering Arizona’s new immigrant law has pushed illegal immigration to the front position now more than ever before. in the meantime, severity measures haven’t gained much traction in the U.S., and banking reform faces significant opposition in Congress.
Whatever the U.S. ends up doing, one thing is for certain: when it comes to financial management, Canada reigns supreme. And that doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon.

3112: General Practitioners and Family Physicians

General practitioners and family physicians make a diagnosis and treat the diseases, physiological disorders and injuries of patients. They give primary contact and permanent care toward the supervision of patients' health. They frequently work in private practice, together with group or team practices, hospitals and clinics. Residents in training to be general practitioners and family physicians are included in this unit group.

Example Titles of 3112 General Practitioners and Family Physicians:
 Physician, Company
 Physician, Family
 Physician, General Practice
 Physician, Industrial
 Physician, Primary Care
 Physician, Public Health
 Practitioner, General
 Primary Care Physician
 Public Health Physician
 Civil Aviation Medical Officer
 Community Preventive Medicine Physician
 Company Physician
 Doctor Of Medicine (Md)
 Doctor, Family
 Doctor, Medical
 Family Doctor
 Family Physician
 Family Practitioner
 General Practice Intern
 General Practice Physician
 General Practice Resident
 General Practitioner (Gp)
 Gp (General Practitioner)
 Industrial Medical Officer
 Industrial Medicine Physician
 Industrial Physician
 Intern
 Intern, General Practice
 Md (Doctor Of Medicine)
 Medical Doctor
 Medical Missionary
 Medical Officer (General Practitioner) – Military
 Medical Officer Of Health (Moh)
 Medical Officer, Civil Aviation
 Military Medical Officer (General Practitioner)
 Missionary Doctor
 Mo (Medical Officer) General Practitioner – Military
 Moh (Medical Officer Of Health)
 Physician Resident
 Physician, Community Preventive Medicine
 Resident
 Resident Physician
 Resident, General Practice

Main duties of 3112 General Practitioners and Family Physicians:

General practitioners and family physicians carry out some or all of the following duties:
•Provide emergency care.
•Provide acute care management.
•Inoculate and vaccinate patients.
•Deliver babies and provide pre-natal and post-natal care.
•Advise patients and their families on health care including health promotion, disease, illness and accident prevention.
•Examine patients and take their histories, order laboratory tests, X-rays and other diagnostic procedures and consult with other medical practitioners to evaluate patients' physical and mental health.
•Prescribe and administer medications and treatments.
•Perform and assist in routine surgery.
•Provide counseling and support to patients and their families on a wide range of health and lifestyle issues.
•Perform patient advocacy role.
•Co-ordinate or manage primary patient care.
•Provide continuous care to patients.
•Supervise home care services.
•Report births, deaths, and contagious and other diseases to governmental authorities.

Employment Requirements for 3112 General Practitioners and Family Physicians:
•A bachelor's degree
In Quebec, completion of a college program and one year of pre-medicine university studies is usually required.
•Graduation from an approved medical school
Two to three years of family medicine residency training are required.
•Completion of the qualifying examinations of the Medical Council of Canada
Licensing by the provincial or territorial licensing authority is required.

Additional information about 3112 General Practitioners and Family Physicians:
•General practitioners and family physicians may become specialist physicians with additional training.

3152 Registered Nurses | Canada Immigration for 3152 Registered Nurses

3152 unit group includes registered nurses, nurse practitioners, registered psychiatric nurses and graduates of a nursing program who are in anticipation of registration. They give direct nursing care to patients, deliver physical condition education programs and give advice-giving services regarding issues pertinent to the practice of nursing. They are employed in various settings including hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities, rehabilitation centers, doctors' offices, clinics; society agencies, companies and private homes, or they might be self-employed.

Example Titles of 3152 Registered Nurses:
1. Clinical Nurse
2. Community Health Nurse
3. Critical Care Nurse
4. Graduate Nurse
5. Intensive Care Nurse
6. Nurse Researcher
7. Nursing Consultant
8. Nursing Researcher
9. Occupational Health Nurse
10. Private Duty Nurse
11. Registered Nurse (R.N.)
12. Registered Psychiatric Nurse (R.P.N.)

Main duties of 3152 Registered Nurses:

1. General duty registered nurses perform some or all of the following duties:
o May supervise licensed practical nurses and other nursing staff
o May develop and implement discharge planning process on admission of patients
o May teach and counsel patients and their families on health-related issues in collaboration with other health care providers.
o Monitor, assess, address, document and report symptoms and changes in patients' conditions
o Operate or monitor medical apparatus or equipment
o Assist in surgery and other medical procedures
o Assess patients to identify appropriate nursing interventions
o Collaborate with members of an interdisciplinary health team to plan, implement, co-ordinate and evaluate patient care in consultation with patients and their families
o Administer medications and treatments as prescribed by a physician or according to established policies and protocols
2. Community health nurses provide health education and registered nursing care in public health units and through home visits, manage complex home care cases, participate in community needs assessment and program development, conduct disease screening and deliver immunization programs.
3. Psychiatric nurses provide nursing care, supportive counseling and life skills programming to patients in psychiatric Registered nurses may specialize in areas such as surgery, obstetrics care, psychiatric care, critical care, pediatrics, geriatrics, community health, occupational health, emergency care, rehabilitation or oncology.
4. Nurse practitioners are independent care providers with a broader scope of practice relative to registered nurses.
5. Occupational health nurses develop and implement employee health education programs and provide registered nursing care in private businesses and industry.
6. Clinical nurses provide leadership, advice and counsel on the provision of research-based care for specific patient groups within the care of particular health care organizations.
7. Nursing consultants provide consultative services to institutes, associations and health care organizations regarding issues and concerns relevant to the nursing profession and nursing practice.
8. Nursing researchers engaged in research activities related to nursing are self-employed or are employed by hospitals, public and private organizations and governments.

Employment Requirements of 3152 Registered Nurses:

1. Nurse practitioners:
•A master's degree in nursing, or a nursing program or other higher nurse practitioner diploma program is necessary.
•Registration with a regulatory body is requisite in all provinces and territories
•In Ontario, victorious completion of the Extended Class Registration Examination (ECRE) is required for registration as Registered Nurse in the Extended Class RN(EC).
Registered psychiatric nurses
•Completion of a university or college registered psychiatric nursing program is required.
•Registration with a regulatory body is required in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

2. Registered Nurses:
•Completion of a university, college or other accepted registered nursing program is required.
•Additional educational training or experience is required to specialize in a exact area of nursing.
•A master's or doctoral degree in nursing is typically required for clinical nurse specialists, clinical nurses, nursing consultants and nursing researchers.
•Registration with a regulatory body is required in all provinces and territories.

Delays in Canadian Immigration Time Period | Canada Immigration Delays

Processing wait in Canadian Visa Applications is one of the most asked queries by people who are intending to immigrate to Canada under the Skilled Worker Federal Class.
If you too are looking at this scenario, you need to divide this spectrum into two parts:

•Applications filed before February 27, 2008.
•Applications filed after February 27, 2008.

For application filed before February 27, 2008, the general processing time can be as long as 5 to 6 years. Additionally, if it is filed from High Commission or a full of activity visa post like New Delhi or China, the delay can extend even further from the date of your file number. But in the new immigration plan they will focus on the oldest applicants first.

Practically, this aspect indicates that presently, they are looking and skimming through the applications which were filed in the first quarter of the year 2005.

The root of the matter is that 5 to 6 years but most expected to be reduced after the announcement of new immigration plan.

The applications which were filed after February 27, 2008, the good news is that the application handing out time could be as low as 15 to 18 months. Moreover, it also depends on the reality whether your occupation is listed in the list of occupations, based on which the present visa applications are approved for the Federal Skilled Worker Class.

All the best! Comment and see whether you qualify for the same or not.

Necessary Money for Skilled Workers and Professionals in Canada!

It is compulsory for the potential Immigrant applicants to give proof of sufficient financial assets and net value to hold up self and dependants after landing in Canada. There are other permission linked with your living in Canada. They are:

•No monetary help would be provided from the Canadian government for preliminary settlement.
•You have to be able to utilize your financial assets to support the whole cost of living of yourself and your clan in Canada.
•The applicant is necessary to show evidence of financial condition and net worth to the Canadian Visa office at the time of the compliance of the application. The size of your relations determines as to how much money is you are necessary to support yourself and your clan in Canada. Here is the current table

Number of Family Members      Funds Required (in Canadian dollars)
1                                                  $11,086
2                                                  $13,801  
3                                                  $16,967
4                                                  $20,599
5                                                  $23,364
6                                                  $26,350
7 or more                                     $29,337

In case the applicant has set employment in Canada, he/she is not necessary to have this much funds in Canada. It is obligatory to inform the Canadian official when you land in Canada. Failing to do so, you may be taken into police detention.

SPP (Student Partners Program) for Indian Students

The Student Partners Program is a directorial structure designed and put into practice in partnership between the Canadian visa offices in India and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). The SPP was initiated in April 2009 as a pilot to get better student enrollment outcomes. Due to the development achieved during the pilot, the program is being comprehensive and long-drawn-out in 2010. For the year 2010 the list of contribute ACCC members is the following:

1. Algonquin College
2. Bow Valley College
3. Cambrian College of Applied Arts & Technology
4. Camosun College
5. Centennial College of Applied Arts & Technology
6. College of New Caledonia
7. College of the Rockies
8. Columbia College
9. Conestoga College
10. Confederation College of Applied Arts & Technology
11. Douglas College
12. Durham College
13. Fanshawe College of Applied Arts & Technology
14. George Brown College
15. Georgian College of Arts & Technology
16. Grant MacEwan University
17. Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
18. Kwantlen Polytechnic University
19. Lambton College of Applied Arts & Technology
20. Loyalist College of Applied Arts & Technology
21. Marine Institute of Memorial University
22. Medicine Hat College
23. Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technology
24. Niagara College
25. North Island College
26. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
27. Northern College
28. Northern Lights
29. Okanagan College
30. Red River College of Applied Arts, Science & Technology
31. Selkirk College
32. Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology
33. Sheridan College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
34. St-Clair College of Applied Arts & Technology
35. St. Lawrence College
36. University of The Fraser Valley
37. Vancouver Island University
38. Vancouver Community College

Please note that there are numerous other ACCC colleges which also greet students from India. Applications to these colleges will also take delivery of prompt processing and a fair and individual result based on the documentation provided. Additional information on the ACCC, including a full list of member institutions, can be can be found on their website at

The SPP Student Partners Program is release to Indian nationals only. Students do not submit an application to the SPP; they submit an application to a participating college and may be measured under the program if they meet exact criteria. Application giving in under the SPP is at the carefulness of each participating college. Students interested in submitting applications under the program are confident to contact the participating college of their option for information. The Student Partners Program involves close supportive partnership and feedback from the participating colleges to make sure student compliance with the terms of their study permits. Necessary to the program feedback mechanism is the student's approval for the institute to provide information on presence. The student must sign the permission statement on the SPP checklist so as to be processed under this program.

All Study Permit application checklists have been amended and improved as a consequence of the Student Partners Program framework to assist students makes simpler applications. All students are sturdily encouraged to present supporting documents as indicated in the checklists to make easy the dealing out of their applications. Checklists are obtainable online through the following link:

It is strongly suggested that all prospective applicants for study permits put forward their application by 01 August for September entry and by 01 December for January entry. Students must further note that applications submitted after 20 August and 20 December for the respective entries will not usually be processed in time for the start of class and will probably be refused.

Minutes Of Meeting Between Minister Kenney And Secretary Napolitano

Mr. Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and Secretary Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Janet Napolitano and today met to talk about a variety of two-sided immigration issues. The objective of the conversation was to find added ways of cooperating to improve the reliability of US and Canada immigration systems and speed up lawful travel and commerce between the two countries.

The corporation between the United States and Canada is vital to promoting nationwide security and economic growth in both of nations. Both are committed to working jointly to build up and apply border security and immigration measures and standards that help ensure the security and protection of their citizens.

Throughout the meeting, Secretary Napolitano and Minister Kenney talk about the development that has been completed since they last met in May 2009. This including continuing work toward the conclusion of a thorough comparison of acceptability criteria and screening measures conducted together by DHS and CIC, which will lead to development in cross-border coordination and information sharing.

Canada’s old geographic, economic and social ties with the United States of America are a foundation of power for both countries. By giving out information and working mutually both countries can redefine approaches to identifying and screening travelers to accelerate the flow of individuals moving legally across borders, while defensive against those who would intimidate shared peace and prosperity.

They furthermore signed a Terms of Reference to celebrate the ancient Visa Policy Working Group - institutionalizing this joint debate supported by DHS, the U.S. Department of State and CIC, designed to enhance two-sided consultations and information sharing regarding visa, acceptability, and screening policies.

In addition, Secretary Napolitano and Minister Kenney recognized further opportunities for information sharing and teamwork relating to immigration and refugee policies and the tourist registration and individuality verification procedure and discussed prospective approaches to screening travelers.

New Canadian Immigration Policy Causes fall in Caregivers!

Current changes in the Canadian immigration policies have transport many changes in the way of life of the Canadian people. The Minister for Canadian Immigration, Jason Kenney has made it necessary for those families who have hired live-in caregivers or nurses for children or elderly people to pay for their travel expenditure, medical insurance, worker’s compensation premium and other essential expenses.

This is proving very costly for those families who were hiring abroad caregivers for their family needs. This has caused about 70 to 90 percent drop in the figure of job opportunities for overseas nurses since the last three months when Immigration Canada’s Foreign Live-in Caregiver Program introduced its changes which were put into practice newly.

These changes have made it quite hard for the Canadian families to hire foreign caregivers. Actually, it has made it quite an costly investment for families in Canada who cannot even be sure of any protection just in case the nurse proves to be an against the law immigrant.

In this no-exit situation, Canadian families have very small scope for themselves and they are susceptible to those applicants who might turn out to be illegal later on. This is discouraging the families to employ any foreign care-givers which in turn is leading to a decrease in the job opportunities for them in Canada. Foreign nurses and nannies for children were quite in insisting in Canada but due to the changes in policy, the demand has lowered. If truth be told, many care giver agencies have stopped running their business. This is absolutely affecting the ordinary life of many Canadian families who are surviving without care-givers which in turn may have an effect on the general productivity of the country.

Advertising and Marketing Jobs in Quebec!

Potential Immigration Applicants connected with the field of “Advertising and Marketing” have wonderful opportunities to make it big in Quebec. The province is adorned with abundance of major and minor advertising and marketing firms which provides sufficient job opportunities in different fields linked with this profession. Some of these personnel and departments are:

•Marketing Head:
The department can be found in both advertising and marketing agencies or in the previous one. The task of the applicant linked with the field of marketing is “market” the product of his corporation in such a way that it does not look spam.

•Creative Department:
This department consists of Copywriters, creative heads and art-directors. As the name propose, all the creativity can be establish in this department as these people write scripts, advertising copies and each creative process which forms a vital part of all the advertising and marketing agencies.

•Account Department:
“Account” means “Client.” as a result the task of Account manager is to liaise with clients. He needs to appreciate the needs of the clients and work intimately with both the creative team as well as the client to pass the needs of each department to one another.

•Media Service Department:
Media Planning is what these people do the best!

•Graphic Designer:
Without him, an advertising copy will only remain a piece of paper! A graphic designer brings life to the ad.

The ads which are created by the copywriters are shaped by the production department. From the initial phase to the execution stage and till the release, producers are concerned in all the stages.
Additionally, there are other departments too. Consequently people linked with “Advertising and Marketing” have high range to make a career in Quebec. Some of the agencies in the province are: Nk Communications Enr, Neon Lasalle Inc, Journal Le Lac St-Jean, Gescom Communication Marketing Enr, and Design S A B Inc, to name a few.

3111 Specialist Physicians

Specialist Physicians are doctors who have undergone prearranged, post graduate training in an exact field of medicine. This group includes expert physicians in clinical medicine, in laboratory medicine and in surgery. Specialists in laboratory medicine study the nature, cause and development of diseases in humans. Specialists in clinical medicine diagnose and treat diseases and physiological or psychiatric disorders and act as consultants to other physicians. Specialists in surgery carry out and supervise surgical procedures.

Common Job Titles of 3111 Specialist Physicians:
o Endocrinologist
o Gastroenterologist
o General Surgeon
o Geriatrician
o Gynaecologist
o Haematological Pathologist
o Anaesthetist
o Cardiologist
o Cardiovascular Surgeon
o Neurosurgeon
o Obstetrician
o Paediatrician
o Pathologist
o Psychiatrist
o Radiation Oncologist
o Rheumatologist
o Thoracic Surgeon
o Dermatologist
o Medical Biochemist
o Medical Microbiologist
o Nephrologist
o Neurologist
o Neuropathologist

Typical Employers of 3111 Specialist Physicians:
o Private Practice
o Hospitals
o Medical Laboratories
o Universities

Selected Major Duties of 3111 Specialist Physicians:

Specialists in laboratory medicine perform some or all of the following duties:
Study the nature, cause and development of diseases in humans and the structural and functional changes caused by diseases;
Conduct microscopic and chemical analyses of laboratory samples and specimens;
Supervise laboratory activities.

Specialists in clinical medicine perform some or all of the following duties:
Diagnose and treat diseases and physiological or psychiatric disorders;
Order laboratory tests, x-rays and other diagnostic procedures;
Prescribe medication and treatment and refer patients for surgery;
Conduct medical research.

Specialists in surgery perform some or all of the following duties:
Assess patients' diseases or disorders to determine appropriate surgical procedures;
Perform and supervise surgical procedures to correct physical abnormalities and deficiencies and repair injuries.
Most specialists are self-employed with their incomes based on the bills they submit to the publicly funded Ontario Health Insurance Plan. Specialists in clinical medicine usually work in private practice or in a hospital while those in laboratory medicine and in surgery usually work in hospitals.

Employment Requirements of 3111 Specialist Physicians:

1. Specialist physicians
•A Bachelor of Science degree
In Quebec, completion of a college program and one year of pre-medicine university studies is usually required.
•Graduation from an approved medical school and specific specialty training are required.
•Completion of the certifying examinations of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Licensing by the provincial or territorial licensing authority are required.

2. Specialists in clinical medicine
•Four to five years of specialty residency training are required.
•Two years of subspecialty training may also be required.
Specialists in laboratory medicine
•Four to five years of specialty residency training are required.

3. Specialists in surgery
•Five to six years of specialty residency training are required.
•Two years of subspecialty training may also be required.

Additional information about of 3111 Specialist Physicians:
•Succession to management positions, for instance director of laboratory medicine or chief of surgery, is likely with experience.

Canada- A Favorite Destination of Chinese

Consistent with a latest survey, Canada is highly praised as the third most popular destinations amongst the Chinese nationals who are intend to tour abroad. The primary place is grabbed by Australia, followed by Singapore and as talk about; the third place is clutch by Canada.

The next position was grabbed by Japan, which got its grade just after the United States, South Korea and the New Zealand. The report was carried on by a joint collaboration by SUCCESS Foundation (which holds its stand in Vancouver).

It has been merely few weeks when Canada has received its Approved Destination Status, different the land of Kangaroos, which received it in the year 1999. If this facet is seen, Canada has climbed the ladder faster as compared to Australia.

Also, with this boost in tourists and joint immigration, Canada and China are celebrating 40 years of joint diplomatic relations between both the countries. If thought and forecast are to be believed, number tourists (including Chinese) would visit Canada in the coming years.

The link due to Immigration has allowed the country to improve the figure of tourists every year, be it on Tourist Visa, Investor Visa, Student Visa, to name a few. These aspects have allowed both the countries to build stronger relationships with each other.

Moreover, the survey states that Canada is highly praised as one of the calm places with amazing and beautiful landscape along with fresh air and other options.

2151 Architects for Canada Immigration

2151 Architects conceptualize, diagram and build up designs for the construction and transformation of industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings. Architects are in employment by architectural firms, private corporations and governments, or they may be self-employed.

Common Job Titles of 2151 Architects:
Architectural Standards Specialist
Chief Architect
Consulting Architect
Industrial and Commercial Building Architect
Residential Architect

Typical Employers
Architectural, engineering consulting and other scientific companies
Federal and provincial government

Selected Main Duties of 2151 Architects:
Architects perform some or all of the following duties:
• Discuss with with clients to determine type, style and idea of renovations or new building construction being considered;
• Conceptualize and plan buildings and develop plans, consistent with building codes, describing design specifications, building materials, costs and construction schedules;
• Arrange sketches and models for clients;
• Prepare or manage the preparation of blueprints for use by contractors and trades persons;
• Hire and oversee contractors and other workers involved with the construction;
• oversee activities on construction sites to make sure compliance with specifications;
• Conduct viability studies and financial analyses of building projects.
Work time is divided between desk work, meetings and the actual work site. Overtime is common in order to meet project deadlines.

Education/Training of 2151 Architects:
•A bachelor's degree from an accredited school of architecture
Completion of the syllabus of studies from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) is required.
•A master's degree in architecture may be required.
•Completion of a three-year internship under the supervision of a registered architect is required.
•Completion of the architect registration examination is required.
•Registration with the provincial association of architects in the province of work is required.

A bachelor's degree from a recognized school of architecture and two years of knowledge under the supervision of a registered architect is required. An alternative route to qualify requires completion of the course outline of studies from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) plus a minimum of 3 years of on-the-job training under supervision of a registered architect.

An architectural license is conditional upon attendance at Admission Course lectures and successful completion of the Architectural Registration Examinations set by the provincial association of architects. In Ontario, architects are regulated by the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA). Registration with the provincial association of architects is required. Architects usually specialize in particular types of construction such as residential, commercial, industrial or institutional. Progression to senior positions, such as chief architect, is possible with experience.

Architects can specialize in areas such as contract administration, housing design, renovations or institutional buildings. Graduating architecture students are also applying their skills to a variety of architecture-related professions such as facilities management, graphic design and urban planning.

Computer-aided design (CAD) is prevalent in this occupation and is being used to produce a wider choice of designs for customers, as well as to improve the productivity of architects. Prospects will be best for those familiar with CAD technology and particularly those with “green” design knowledge. Due to increasing energy costs, more demand has been placed on sustainable designs which focus on energy efficiency. Individuals with experience and knowledge on how to build green buildings which utilize renewable resources, promote waste reduction and are environmentally friendly will have the best employment prospects.