Excellent Results of Canada Visa Policy!

In accordance with the newest statistics brought out by the immigration department of Canada, the result has been excellent from the skilled worker program. An evaluation was conducted of the newest statistics with the pre-2001 statistics. This was previous to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) was introduced. This act frazzled more on the arranged employment offer, education in addition to the skills in language.

As indicated by the fresh statistics, there has been a climb by approx 65 percent in the earnings levels of the skilled workers in Canada following the IRPA was introduced. It was also resolute that there have been less chances of these skilled migrant relying on employment insurance or social support. This has been particularly after the new laws had been bringing in.

Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister for Canada said that the appraisal projected that the skilled migrants have been doing fine in the nation and are clever to add to filling gaps in the national workers. He also said that the government is pleased to see that the policy and agenda is giving out the expected and the desired results.

The other aspects incorporated in the assessment were advice concerning how the immigration system of the country would be further enhanced. These recommendations comprise giving higher right of way to young workers, stress on proficiency in either English or French language or raising the reliability of the system of arranged employment so as to keep away from fake involvement.

This would be followed by the immigration department of Canada to open a variety of new proposals for the discussion of the public. This would be brought about as an attempt to bring about more improvements in the system. The Minister mentioned as it as a promise made by the government to bring about amends in the next few weeks.


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