Record Number of US Green Card Lottery Applications

As indicated by a media report, a highest number of 15 million applications have been received from all over the world for this year US green card lottery.

The US green card lottery scheme of offers a fast route to turn out to be permanent and legal resident of the US to a total of 50,000 immigrants yearly. The statement maintains that the US green card DV or diversity visa scheme, entries for which were stopped up on 3rd November 2010, fascinated around 25 percent higher entries over the last year.

From Bangladesh, a record highest number of 7.67 million people submitted an application to the US green card lottery program. Bangladesh was go after by Nigeria, Ukraine, Ethiopia and Egypt from which 1.47 million, 760,000, 580,000 and 340,000 people correspondingly applied under this US visa program.

Such an enormous response to the US green card lottery program is proof that the US dream of having better life still allures many particularly from the Middle East. The assortment of the potential immigrants in this US green card lottery scheme is done on the foundation of a lucky draw.

People from all countries of the world can submit an application under such US visa plan with the only omission being the nations from where a big number of their nationals have migrated to the US including countries like India, China, Pakistan, the Philippines and Mexico.

The US green card lottery program does not need any special skills for meet the criteria under this scheme. Even a high-school diploma is think to be enough for applying for such a US visa. The winners turn out to be qualified for gaining US citizenship.

The scheme which was recognized by the US Congress in the year 1990 is becoming the greed of a few US lawmakers who want an end to this lottery system at the first.

It’s being dispute that the US visa lottery scheme is a danger to the national security, an unjust governing of US immigration laws and provides an chance for the fake US visa seekers to come to the country. As the entries are chosen from a lucky draw, it can cause to be the US susceptible to potential terrorist threats.


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