Abhinav Immigration | An Overview

ABHINAV is India’s foremost Immigration and visa consulting company that started its operations in 1994 with an objective to flat out the difficulties in the immigration and visa procedure faced by its clients. Abhinav is devoted to serve clients interested in filing permanent resident visa applications beneath skilled, self-employed, business, investor, Family class, and Student and state sponsorship categories.

Abhinav service client’s permission for Immigration to different destinations that includes Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Denmark, USA and many others. Abhinav Immigration also assist clients in preparing business visit visa and Tourist visit visa applications for all main destinations crossways the world, including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Schengen and European countries.


Sonia said...

We heard about Abhinav immigration in India and applied for Canada Federal Skilled Immigration about a year ago. They formulate you sign a contract which is completely one sided contract so that you cannot pull them to court. They convict people with smile on their faces and speak plenty of lie and encourage you to file with them.
After filing your immigration case from Abhinav that they will not care about you. Their staff has completely no experience on immigration and they have engaged people who have no idea about immigration. They are fine at taking people for a ride.
They declare to have contacts with Canadian embassy and other immigration officials. I believe we as individuals can do an enhanced job at filing for immigration on your own sooner than paying enormous money and losing out since of very bad and unethical handling done by Abhinav immigration staff.
Still if you would want to employ an immigration consultant.. Then please do tons of correct research and then employ a good consultancy that are reasonable and do not charge any money until you get your immigration visa.

Anonymous said...

I want to process my Canadian Immigration case through a consultant, I wanted to know about abhinav consultancy, am they authentic ones and registered ones, and can one check through the CIC site about all this.

Also how much should I pay them for processing the case?
Has anybody in this forum processed their case through abhinav?

Please guide me

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