UK Wants More Foreign Investment

UK wants more and more foreign investment. This is due to the global trend of requiring investment instead of skills in the developed countries. Keeping in line with this, UK intends to bring in a new class of UK visa for inviting investors to live and do business in the country.

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron stated in a dialogue in London asking investors from all over the world to come over to the UK for setting up business here. The newest step by the UK government is aimed to dismiss increasing concerns over permanent cap on UK immigration with effect from April 2011. A lot of businesses in the UK panic that a temporary UK immigration boundary will show to be a big obstacle in the way of hiring overseas workers in the UK.

Many famous politicians have warned that any such limits on UK immigration levels will hinder the monetary development of the nation. Vince Cable, a Liberal Democrat and UK Business Secretary repeat of have warned the government of the country concerning the hindrances posed by the UK immigration cap on the nation’s development.

The UK PM additional stated that the UK immigration cap will not be appropriate to ICTs (intra-company transfers) which accounted around 60 percent of UK Tier 2 visas in the year 2009.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr. Cameron said that achieving improved control on immigration levels will be likely without posing problems for businesses in the UK.

The UK is likely to lose around half million UK public-sector jobs because of a four-year plan by the UK government and the latest UK visa is aimed to boost creation of private sector jobs in the UK.

The latest UK entrepreneur visa will be obtainable by the UK government with effect from next year. And, Mr. Cameron is also probable to disclose a review of the intellectual property rules of the UK to make such rules fine for internet age. He also implicit over the probability of using prerequisites of the UK towards UK’s provisions.


Anonymous said...

It means that UK do not require manpower but investment. i think there are lota of immigrants and foreign workers in UK and less jobs there. UK govt want more foreign investment to create jobs in UK

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