Latest News From CIC London On 2005 Cases!

This news has been shared by a reader of this blog. Forwarded for information of Pakistani Nationals who has applied in 2005


As of April 1, 2010, applications for permanent residence in the Economic categories for citizens or residents of Pakistan will be processed by our office in London, UK. The economic categories contains Federal skilled Workers, Federal Investors, Self-Employed, Entrepreneurs, Provincial Nominees and Quebec-selected Permanent Workers and Business People. Even though Islamabad will continue processing a small number of applications that are close to completion, the greater part are being transferred to London. The file move of existing permanent residence applications beneath the Economic categories is presently on the move.
Your application has been shifted and will be processed in London, please be recommend that our office will get in touch with you when we are in a position to start processing your application. Please wait in anticipation of this time previous to providing any new information connecting to changes in your personal circumstances, extra dependents, new employment, education or new individuality documents.
At this stage, it is very early to tell what the new dispensation times will be for these cases in London. We apologize for that we cannot give a schedule for the appraisal of files and that our office cannot give status updates at this time.

Our office sends immigration choice and information requests by post or email to the mailing address or email address give in the application. Consequently, it is significant that our office be notified right away of any change of address or email address. Please also inform us if you would like to remove your application. For all other update, wait in anticipation of you are contacted by our office.

We thank you for your patience during this transition period and for keeping your communication to a minimum.

Yours sincerely,
Client Service Unit (VCM)
Immigration and Medical Services Division | Direction de l'immigration et des services médicaux
Canadian High Commission | Haut-commissariat du Canada
38 Grosvenor Street
London, W1K 4AA | Londres, W1K 4AA
United Kingdom | Royaume-Uni


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