Illegal Immigration from Pakistan to Greece!

Pakistan's delegation in Athens has been warned by authorities in Islamabad of some 10,000 illegal immigrants being moved to Greece and Italy via Turkey by an illegal network conspire with dishonest officials.

Described as the biggest ever prohibited movement of Pakistanis to Europe, the process is because of take place between now as human smugglers make use of a current relaxation in Greek immigration rules.

Amongst the measures freshly announced by the Greek government, illegal immigrants from Pakistan whose applications had previous been rejected by local authorities for desire of enough proof of their influx in Greece previous to Dec 31, 2004, were now entitled to apply afresh.

In addition, Pakistani illegal immigrants married to a Greek national or an foreign residing legally in Greece previous to the date are also entitled to submit an application once more. Likewise, parents of children enrolled in government schools in Greece previous to this date are also permitted to submit an application. The new rules also are relevant to parents of children born in Greece before Dec 31, 2004. The system not only involves powerful people' in Pakistan but also numerous Greek police officials who supposedly give safe passage to illegal immigrants.

Weakness in law enforcement systems are first used to shift people from Pakistan to Turkey, where immigrants who previously made the trip said officials in army uniform helped them to cross the border in a bus.

Upon incoming in Greece, illegal immigrants are transported to Athens in motor vehicle resembling Greek army vehicles. An additional illegal immigrant said that the means of transportation in which he and other members of his group were travelling to the Turkish/Greek border stopped at a certain place and a man wearing Turkish army uniform get on the bus and assist them leave Turkey.

Pakistan is considered as a regional hub of human smuggling and trafficking process to Europe and the Middle East. Safety services last year arrested approximately 900 people engaged in the practice, consistent with Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency.


Ali said...

i am a resident of Gujrat and want to immigrate to greece legally. What is the procedure?

Anonymous said...

What are the greece immigration rules if i want to immigrate there legally?

abubaker aziz said...

i want to immigrate to grace legally plz tell me the procedure of grace immigration

Anonymous said...

i am raju khan frome bangladesh i am working pizza hut in greece i have IKA,AFMI HELTH BOOK AND RED CARD,i am a educated person BBA compleated from bangladesh university,I HAVE RENT ABIG HOUSE IN ATHENS.SO EVERY THINGS IS OK SO WHAT CAN I DO?For ligal immigration,please explain me.

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