Complete Ban on Immigration in UK!

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has declared that the alliance government would live up to what has been promised by them in the shape of immigration restriction. Consistent with the official statistics, in the previous one year, companies have brought in thousands of software engineers, care assistants and chefs. This was done in spite of the same skills being possessed by about countless local British people.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary would shortly be releasing the initial annual limit for immigration which would be put into practice from April 2011. She would also shed beam on the number of workers that businesses would be allowable to bring in particularly from the non European countries in 2011-12. It is also being predictable for her to speak on other groups for example those of students and families and implementing controls on them too.

In accordance with Mr. Cameron, if looked at the better picture, immigration between UK and other nations of the European Union are comparatively in balance. On the other hand, when it comes to immigration among Britain and the other countries of the world, it is not precisely in balance with more and more people approaching to UK.

If the official figures are to be supposed, foreign workers were being employ for jobs despite thousands of local people are suited for the similar jobs and are jobless. It was experiential that company sponsorship certificates in the preceding year were brought about to cater to 1,700 care assistants who approach from nations other than those of EU.

In contrast, the government figures scheme that in the preceding month, the nation has over 33,000 local residents dependent on Jobseekers Allowance and had mentioned their job description as care assistants.

Likewise, over 4,500 software professionals were talk about on the JSA last month when over 1,000 software professionals were brought about from countries exterior the European Union. Another 2,200 chefs and cooks came concerning last year when there are approximately 12,000 chefs by now unemployed in the nation.

The above obviously shows the lack of well-organized control when it comes to immigration and therefore is leading to more being without a job rather than catering to the development of the economy.


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