The Most Excellent Place To Live In The World!

Norway has been rated to the most excellent place to live. Australia, on the other hand, has been rated as the second best place to live in the world as stated by the findings of UN annual Human Development Index. Norway has the most excellent quality of life at the same time as New Zealand has carried third position. The U.S. and Ireland have obtained fourth and fifth places in the index.

The USA has taken a large jump from the previous year’s ranking of 13th. Zimbabwe has come in the very last position. In addition, New Zealand has taken a jump of 17 places at the UN index that measures growth of nations.

The report out on November 5 by General Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary and Helen Clark, previous Prime Minister of New Zealand and UN Development Program manager considers factors counting health, education, earnings, gender equality in addition to political liberty.

Norway has been pinnacle of the list for all the years apart from two years since 2001. This oil-rich state has per-capital earnings of $58,810 and a life expectation of 81 years.

The statement titled ‘The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development’ uses HDI (Human Development Index) for computing the development by nations. A whole of 169 nations come in the list and are grouped under four dissimilar categories including low, medium, high and very high.

Australia has been grasping the second position in the HDI for numerous years. Australia is recognized for its rising economy, excellence of life and calm lifestyle all of which unite together to cheer growingly skilled immigrants to live and work in Australia.

In the precedent few years, the maximum numbers of migrants seeking Australian immigration include Britons who appear to be finding Australia a big place to immigrate. Life expectancy of Australia has augmented to 70 years from 59 years and the each person income has developed two times to reach $10,000.

The UK, in the meantime, has been ranked at the 26th position in the HDI above all because of high dissimilarity levels resulting in comparatively poor enlargement in human development.

Zimbabwe, the country ranked last in the HDI, has a per person earnings of just $176 at the same time as the life expectancy of the nation is merely 47 years.


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