An Overview of Mexico Immigration Visas

Mexico Immigration is granted to overseas nationals who have the purpose of living in Mexico for extended periods of time (over one year) plus who plan to look for permanent residency in Mexico, or Mexican Citizenship.

The Immigrant Visa of Mexico: FM2

FM2 visas are planned for people looking for everlasting residency status in Mexico or those who may look for ultimate Mexican Citizenship.

There are a variety of categories in which FM2 visas are granted, and these narrate to the activities you mean to take on while in Mexico. Below the conditions of the FM2, you are endorsed to only take on certain, exact activities which might be profitable or non-lucrative.

You have to hold a FM2 for a qualifying stage ahead of applying for "immigrant" status or Mexican Citizenship.

You do not require to have held a FM3 visa previous to applying for a FM2, and any years you might have accumulate at the same time as living in Mexico under the auspice of a FM3 do not count towards your FM2 prerequisite period.

If your goal is to look for long-standing residency in Mexico, or to turn out to be a Mexican Citizen, you must apply for FM2 status (or ask for a change of status from FM3 to FM2) so that your time starts counting towards the qualification era once possible.

You may submit an application for a FM2 visa at the same time as you are in Mexico and in ownership of a FMM (Visitor's Visa) or in Mexico beneath the auspice of a FM3.

Once you are in control of a FM2, following the requirement period, you might submit an application for full residency status. When your full nationality status has been received, you are at liberty to full rights (e.g. admission to IMSS sickness pay) and tasks (e.g. pay income taxes) as any other Mexican citizen. Naturalized citizens are also allowable to vote in Mexican elections.

When your full nationality status has been established, you might also start your application for Mexican Citizenship, though you do not must do this; you can stay a 'resident alien' on a FM2 visa for an indefinite period.

Upon in receipt of immigrated status, you will take delivery of a plastic card that looks like a driver's license. This card allows you to pass through Mexico's borders as if you were a Mexican national.

Dual Citizenship:
You do not, beneath Mexican law, require to give up your national passport—whether you stay a resident-alien or submit an application for citizenship —which you'll use when you return to your home country for visits, or if you finally return to your home country to reside there again. On the other hand, your home country's policies might need you to give in your passport and/or citizenship; make sure with your local authorities for details.

Minimum time period to Reside:
If you grasp a FM2 visa and wait exterior of Mexico for longer than 2 years, or for 5 years in any 10 year period, you will drop your permanent resident status in Mexico.

Who Can Apply for FM2 Visa of Mexico?

Following people can submit an application for FM2 Visa of Mexico

1. Retirees:
If you are more than 50 years of age and desire to engage in "non-remunerative activities" and you are receiving funds from overseas (from a retirement fund or other investments or fixed income) you can submit an application for a Retiree Immigration Permit.

2. Investors:
You can take delivery of an immigration permit if you are eager to invest your assets in Mexico. You investment can be heading for at industry or services, and have to equal a minimum set quantity.

3. Professionals:
If you are a capable expert, you can have your certificates authenticated by the Mexican Consulate in your home country and submit an application for an immigration visa to live in Mexico and look for permanent residence.

4. Technical or Scientific Professions:
If you are a capable technician or scientist, Mexico offers a group of visa which enables you to live and work in Mexico under backing from a foreign company. For instance, if the company wants to open an office or plant in Mexico, a person or persons representing that corporation may enter Mexico to run the commercial operations on a long term basis.

5. Artists and Sports People:
Artists or sports populace who look for long term permanent residency in Mexico may submit an application for a FM2 visa. Each case is measured individually and entry is at the Interior Ministry's carefulness.


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