Updates on UK Immigration Restrictions !

Immigration restriction is the recent noise in UK. The most recent has been that the Home Secretary Theresa May has stressed on the truth that the information of those creating prosperity would not be limited. The British government has also given into the difficulty by the industry and has made an exemption for the migrant workers who are coming to the state through the system of intra-company transfers.

The draw round for the plan has been presented by the Home Secretary. This diagram included reducing the figure of those skilled workers who are a member of the non-EU nations to 21,700 from the initial 28,000. Simultaneously, this restriction would not provide to another 22,500 workers who company to UK on a transfer basis from their abroad offices. This is based under the scheme of ICT.

As maintained by May, these workers who mean to live in the nation for over a year would still qualify. On the other hand, they must have an income of at least £40,000. The minimum level was formerly £24,000.

Consistent with CBI Director-General Desginate John Cridland, the statement made clearly projects that the government has heard the commerce and its requests and has acted consequently. This can be measured as a good result for the economy.

The government has also planned to cater to 95 percent of skilled professionals entering the nation have a job offer in previous through the Tier 2 immigration system. On the other hand, only 1,000 visas would be made obtainable for the skilled migrant categories which comprise professionals such as those of engineers and doctors catering to the Tier 1 system.


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