Chefs and Cooks are more Demanded than IT Professionals in Canada!

As maintained by the newest updated immigration qualifications list by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), there is an augmented requirement for cooks and chefs in Canada. And the catalog has disqualified IT Professionals, teachers, lawyers and other important high-skilled professionals.

Hence, there is totally no requirement for IT Professionals, immigrant lawyers or teachers in Canada. Canada does not have any jobs even for those IT professionals or teachers who have received their education and training from Canadian universities.

The truth is that there are no takers for receiving the services of teachers with Canadian degrees (and training) even devoid of paying any fees. And if any immigrant teacher still wants to go to Canada, then he must rather be prepared for taking odd jobs for instance cleaners and the similar.

In the meantime, the Canada immigration department has its doors broad open for high-skilled chef or cook. Cooks and chefs are treated with great admiration in Canada and are very worthwhile to afford a quality living in Canada since they don’t require depending on tips for their earning as appear to be case with chefs and cooks in Africa.

And it’s not just the chefs and cooks themselves who are greeted to immigrate to Canada as per the latest Canada immigration rules, even their family members receiving sponsorship are invited to join them in this welcoming nation. The new Canada immigration policy will effect in fast immigration of family sponsorships in Canada.

The newest changes in Canada immigration policy are adjusted with the present skills in great demand in Canada while excluding skills that are no longer required by Canada. Canada has a lot of high-skilled experts driving taxis or involved in jobs that are far under their educational qualification or know-how. For this reason, Canada wants to ask only those immigrants who can increase sufficient jobs after immigrating here.

Canada is, certainly, a multicultural state which is regarded to be immigrant-welcoming. It’s different the nations like Germany where immigrants not following German ways are in danger with dire consequences. Canada offers smart pay packages to assist new immigrants resolve and integrate productively in this nation. The year 2011 will see influx of nearly 265,000 fresh immigrants coming to the nation to reside and work here.


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Than what will be the future of IT professionals who want to immigrate to Canada

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