Eligibility Criteria for Manitoba PNP

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is a government immigration program that decides on skilled workers who show they have the potential and the wish to immigrate and inhabit themselves and their families in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

The Manitoba PNP has quite a few "streams." for instance, there's a stream for graduating international students and a stream for applicants who contain the support of family who already live in Manitoba. Each stream has different criteria.

Strategic Initiatives Stream of Manitoba PNP

In brief, the MPNP accepts applications from skilled workers who are able to make a positive contribution to Manitoba's economy and civilization as permanent residents. This requires:

1.Education and training
2.Work experience
3.Sufficient English or French to start a job almost immediately after arrival
4.A link to Manitoba (for example, friends or family or present employment)
5.Settlement supports (sufficient money to retain yourself and your family while you are becoming established)
6.The purpose to settle permanently in Manitoba

Please evaluate the information in every one of the five steps under to find out if you are suitable to apply to the MPNP.

Step 1: Do you have legal status in your country of residence?
You should be able to show proof that you contain legal status in the country where you are now living. If you are presently living in Canada you have to give proof of your current status as a visitor, student or temporary worker. You are not entitled to apply if you are at present a refugee claimant or refused claimant living in Canada. You may apply from outside Canada if you are capable of providing proof of legal status in your country of residence.

Step 2: Are you a skilled worker who is employable in Manitoba?
You should be able to give proof that you have the sufficient training (including any license or certification), work experience plus language ability to find employment in your planned occupation in Manitoba, shortly you arrive.

Step 3: Do you have enough settlement supports?
To apply you have to provide proof that you have financial resources in your own name representing that you are capable of:
• Pay your Government of Canada immigration fees and tour expenses to Manitoba
• Support yourself at the same time as you are looking for employment
• Make sure your successful resolution in Manitoba
As a general rule, applicants must contain at least C$10,000 in addition to C$2,000 for any additional dependant.

Step 4: Do you meet the criteria of an application assessment stream?
Priority assessment streams are for applicants who can show the strongest potential to inhabit effectively and everlastingly in Manitoba. They are evaluating before applications under the General stream.
The criterion for each stream.

Step 5: Do you have a complete application?
You have to submit all required forms and documents described in document checklist (MDOC - there is a checklist for each assessment stream) for the principal applicant and all associated dependants. The Manitoba PNP will not accept incomplete applications.

NOTE: There is no time limit for applying to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Though, program criteria may amend with no notice and your application will be assessed according to the criterion in place at the time of receiving of your application.



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Anonymous said...

May I inquire regarding Bank Statement for Family Sponsor stream. I already met the required settlement fund of $10,000 cdn for principal sponsor using only the properties excluding bank account. I do have an active bank account with continuous cash deposits and withdrawals but it is only 5 months old. Can i use this account to present a bank statement that is needed for my application or should I have an older account, lets say 2 years old bank account or something like that?

Can anyone help me regarding this matter? Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

i already received my acknoldgement receipt provincial nominee manitoba here in manila
my question is my husband is no longer working abroad and the embassy here in manila is asking for his police cert, my question is how he can obatin the police cert? do he have to go to the embassy of country where he worked with? pl help me thanks

jigtru143 said...

i put my file in jan 2011 under pnp in menitoba. so when i cab get my letter?

Anonymous said...

I put my file in january 2011 under PNP PROGRAMME FOR MANITOBA so when can i get my approvel letter?

Anonymous said...

can i use my u.s money instead of canadian money.that's one of my problem.i dont have canadian my permanent vise if question is it cash or check?

Bidhan Dave said...

My son is in Canada on SPP program & he is enrolled in Pharmacy Technician course of Humber College at Toronto. Can he change his programe now to go to Mamitoba or he should complete his Pharm. Tech. course?

akjmoga said...

sir am working in govt edu department as computer faculty now am done master in computer science this year (part time 3hr classes in weak)please tell me my master degree's point count in MPNP program

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