Immigration Attorney and Visa Interview

Immigration attorney is very important when it comes to cases pertaining to immigration. Simultaneously, there are only a small number of who are in fact conscious that when it comes to a meeting with the visa officer, an immigration attorney cannot stand for a candidate in the US Embassy. This is just not allowed by the US Embassy.

On the other hand, the same is permitted at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) where in an American immigration lawyer is allowable to stand for an applicant. The ordinary law that is followed among all the Embassies and Consulates of the United States is that all the overseas nationals who are submit an application for a visa has to become visible in person for an interview. Here, any shape of representation legal in nature would not be accepted in whichever condition. in addition, people connected to the applicant for example spouse or any family member or even a friend would not be allowed.

The only omission to the above is when the candidate is a minor. In such a case, a lawful custodian or an immigration attorney can appear in support of the minor interviewee. When it comes to customer symbol, the United States Foreign Affairs Manual is followed. This physical caters to proper assistance to the United States Department of State which comprises all the State employees.

Each consulate has the power to form its own set of policies when it comes to symbol of applicants by an attorney. In such cases, the consular officers typically check with with the attorney directly. This is done if the legal representative has submitted a G-28 Notice of Representation which has been put into practice suitably. In this case, the consular officials would notify the attorney of records when it comes to matter with the applicant in question.

The advantage of this form of communication is invaluable particularly when this immigration attorney is on the ground. This leads to speeding the procedure and thus, dropping the figure of delays through mails or telephone. This is for the reason that the immigration attorney can be there in front of the consular officer which leads to an inquiry being made openly.

Most of all, it is most excellent to look for the advice of a specialist before walking in for an interview. Even if a visa consultant is not allowable to represent your case, he can forever counsel you on how to go about the procedure. This is since he is always updated with the latest when it comes to such matters.


FGF2 said...

I want to get more information about alberta immigrant nominee program (ainp).
Please tell abt the application process

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this great article of Canada Immigration Attorney

Anonymous said...

I am working in dubai, and I am going to apply for a visit visa to canada kindly advice how to show my close ties in UAE to canadian embassy

Comrade said...

If you are married show your marriage certificate to embassy
2. In case you have property in UAE, show it in visa documents also

chandigarhgirl24 said...


how r u? i did stupid mistake in filling up forms.. it was mistake that i didnt put [color=red][font=Verdana]check mark in one column where it say interview in english[ rest everything is good and i have put check mark on correspondence in english. now what to do ? please guide me.

Comrade said...

Dont worry seema,
It will not effect your case. You may inform them by writing a letter

chandigarhgirl24 said...



do we have to send Academic Transcript should be in a seal cover for canada immigration. PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

did anybody get get aor/PER without sending these documents in sealed envelop. anyways i have send all documents duly notarized.


Anonymous said...

All those who would base their actions on the advise of the so called immigration experts would do so on their own peril. In fact, those who are freely giving immigration advise here without formal education in immigration law and accredition with the regulatory bodies are committing an offence. They should reveal their identity here so that the RCMP, CBSA and CSIC should come after them for doing so.

Anonymous said...

what are the accredited hospitals here in dubai for medical examinations, i have my medical request from embassy of canada in the philippines but i can have my medical here they said just need to know the accredited hospitals i really tried many times calling at abu dhabi but no one answered the phone

Pawandeep Gill said...

Hello sir, i m pawan nd i m a welder. My wife is a staff nurse. I did my ielts on july 2010 with 7 bands(L-7.5, R-6.5, W-6.0, S-7.0) nd i have applied for canada PR on april 18th 2011. I have 74 points nd i m principle applicant. Will my ielts valid during processing time nd how much time will CIC take to process? Pls Sir help me. Reply me I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Anonymous said...

I have already gone through Medical exam in june 2011 for canada PR.can you please tell me that how long it gona take further.

bimalnepali said...

i want work permit to canada

Anonymous said...

Pls i need to know what are the necessary things needed to get canada visa for a person who want to work and live in canada pls reply me

Anonymous said...

good day!

my previously worked was related in nursing and i applying job in canada but does not match from my this possible as denied?
pls. kindly share base on your experienced and email me to
thank u!

ANIL said...

Please tell me the procedure and i would like to work in CANADA as well reply me on

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