Emigrating to America

Emigrating from one country to America- can fundamentally transform a person's life. Certainly, the more urbanized the country of your choice is, the more hard is to emigrate there. Industrial countries build barriers to free immigration and effort to search for skills and aptitude amongst the crowds desiring to immigrate.

This article is for people who look for emigrating to America which is amid the countries with the most severe and hard immigration laws. There are four ways of emigrating to America or to obtain a green card - a position of a permanent resident foreigner in the USA. One can emigrate on the basis of
(a) Family relations
(b) Employment/professional skills
(c) By winning in a Diversity Lottery
(d) By obtaining a status of refugee/political asylum

There are lots of US law firms working in the area of immigration. Let's say you are a overseas discoverer and have a new creation you want to copyright in the USA, or if you are a programmer, wrote a new computer program, and desire to protect and register your patent in the USA, or you are a creator who wrote a masterpiece which needs defense in the USA... In other words, if you don't live in the US, created something valuable and want to protect your intellectual property rights in America, you can emigrate to America.

Also professionally successful people from all walks of life - science, literature/theater/music, business, sports, and industry – can emigrate to America.. Immigration Lawyers help them and their families in their emigration to the US.

Emigration to the US on the basis of professional attainment, getting green card for aptitude is not an easy task. American Immigration Lawyers assist you in direction-finding of stormy emigration waters and bring your family ship into a safe harbor.

The processing time for this category, as we’ve mentioned many times in the past, is very lengthy. Currently, those who had petitions filed on their behalf on or before January 1, 2002 are being processed. (But take heart – natives of the Philippines waiting for a fourth preference visa are backlogged all the way to April 1, 1991.)

Employment sponsorship is moreover an area that takes time and attempt, between finding an employer, making sure the applicant’s qualifications set with U.S. immigration requirements (for the most part, a college undergrad degree is required), filing the considerable amount of paperwork, etc.

Legally emigrating to the America is no easy task, but it is achievable if a proper plan, crafted with good legal advice, is put into motion. The basic rule of thumb is this – green cards can be secured in one of three ways: through a close family connection (spouse, parent, child over 21 or sibling), employment sponsorship, or the annual diversity visa lottery. But each option comes with its own hurdles, and all of them take time.

For those abroad who desire to research U.S. visa potential, there is abundance of information on the U.S. Citizenship and Information Service website (, and also the State Department (


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