Economic Prospects of Illegal Immigration from Mexico to USA

Mexico has a big interest in the continuance of undocumented and illegal Mexicans crossing the USA borders and seeking jobs in the US. Their attention has little to do with individual rights, and everything to do with the economics of the circumstances. Illegal Mexican immigrants in the United States send additional money back to Mexico than any other basis other than Pemex, Mexico's government owned petroleum massive.

Cash Bonanza:
Although hard demonstrable numbers are hard to obtain, many sources estimate that overseas capital entering Mexico from expatriates is almost certainly two thirds of the profits provided by national sales of petroleum. If exporting undocumented labor to the United States is Mexico's figure two export, no doubt Mexican President Calderon is worried about the option of reduced income to bolster the disputed Mexican economy.

Mexican Joblessness:
A less important effect of between ten and fifteen million Mexicans living unlawfully in the United States is the positive effect on Mexican joblessness. Out of a total labor force of around 50 million in Mexico, it is simple to see what affect the return of 10 to 15 million workers returning to their mother country would be.

Over and above creating a crisis situation at the nationwide level in Mexico based upon the loss of hard cash income, Mexico would have to try to monetarily hold up these people currently living from their jobs and/or benefits currently exported to the American financial system. It is hard to imagine that there would not be uprising in the streets across Mexico if the country had to provide somewhere to stay millions of returning Mexicans to their home country.

Poor Quality of Life and Human Rights:
Mexico claims a joblessness rate around 5.5% by government estimates. On the other hand, underemployment is measured to be in the area of 46%. Honestly, actual poverty that can be seen when traveling in Mexico makes these numbers seem to be imprecise.

Since Mexico has huge natural resources, measured to be second to only Argentina in Latin American countries, the financial problems of Mexico are typically blamed upon graft and dishonesty by those who run the country. Although reform minded politicians are infrequently elected, their efforts to improve the political system fail.

Further than the efforts to reorganization dishonest politicians, drug lobby are definitely entrenched and are possibly more influential than even the Mexican government. Of course, drug involved interests want the illegal flow of Mexicans into the United States to carry on unabated. Closed borders and proscribed immigration would gravely hinder their cash bonanza.

It is time to recognize that talking regarding human rights and illegal immigration into the United States is spurious. Mexico's genuine interest in Mexicans immigrating into the US is based upon economics. They would undergo extremely if forced to deal with poverty and joblessness without the US serving as the relief-valve for their own financial problems. Sooner or later, an arranged and legal system of immigration must be recognized between Mexico and the United States. The aggression fall crossways the border between the two countries will only deteriorate if the problem is not addressed.


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In fact mexicans has a zeal to have progress in life

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