Rising Figure of EB-5 Green Card!

The growing popularity of EB-5 green card or investor visa program of the USA is something that has caught numerous in the US immigration world by revelation. Even with a global economy that is apparently suffering from the most horrible economic downturn since the Great despair, the interest in the EB-5 green card program has reached noteworthy numbers. The unbelievable figure of applications that were filed during 2009 and the equivalent waning of H-1B visa applications have caused immigration lawyers all through the country to shift the center of their practice.

As said by H. Ronald Klasko, an immigration lawyer in a Philadelphia immigration firm, though H-1B visas are typically a hot item - with request amounts exceeding yearly quotas in just a matter of weeks - the restriction on visa numbers wasn't reach for fiscal year 2010 until approximately nine months after the first filing date.

On the other hand, EB-5 green card visas, which award green cards to foreigners eager to invest as a minimum $500,000 in a U.S. business enterprise, have kept immigration lawyers busy. With record figure of immigrant investors who are looking for information on this chance in addition to ever increasing figure of U. S. entrepreneurs who are looking for to use the EB-5 green card Regional Center program as an substitute means to gain right of entry to capital and financing for their new businesses and thus creating new jobs.

Klasko commented that a extensively unknown commodity, the EB-5 visa program "hasn't actually turn out to be popular or been used much until about four or five years ago and hasn't actually totally boomed until the last year or two."

If truth be told, he called the EB-5 green card visa "the newest thing going on right now in immigration," and has devoted a noteworthy portion of his work time traveling abroad to educate well-off foreign investors about the visa program.

Altogether, the figure of approved EB-5 visas has almost tripled between fiscal years 2008 and 2009 from 1,443 to 4,218 visas, in accordance with the US State Department. And in this same time the number of obtainable Regional Center projects that these immigrant investors can prefer from has more than doubled to more than 80.

Joe Sloboda is the Co-Founder of elite Visas, an EB-5 Consultant company located in Miami, Florida that helps public with expedited immigration into the United States through EB-5 green card investment opportunities, Regional Center development and consulting services and comparative analysis of approved EB-5 Regional Center projects for concerned EB-5 investors.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is true that the program's popularity is increasing, but it is still nowhere near at capacity, which is an issue. This is a marketing problem on part of the visa. If we can get more visas granted, we can create up to 100k jobs for Americans! That's what makes the eb-5 green card different from others. It BRINGS jobs to the US with it.

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