YNP - Yukon Nominee Program

Similar to any other Canadian provincial nominee program, the YNP Yukon Nominee Program is also intended to allow the province to nominate skilled international immigrants to reside and set up themselves in the province and make input to its financial system. Individuals who desire to immigrate to Canada and then get the permanent residence status in the country can use of the Yukon Nominee Program and turn out to be permanent residents of Canada.

The Canadian province of Yukon allows international people to immigrate under 2 main categories. They are:

2.       Business Program

With the assistance of the province’s nominee program, Yukon attracts brilliant and skilled foreign nationals to exist in and set up them the province in such a means that they could be able to contribute to the Yukon financial system in some way.

To be entitled to immigrate in any of the categories of the Yukon nominee Program, each foreign national has to meet numerous criteria. Though, this should also be kept in mind that the eligibility criteria for each group may differ from each other. Thus, this is obvious that in order to know about the categories, you keep visiting this Canadian immigration blog.


Matt Narciso | Canadian Immigration advocate said...

Successful applicants will receive a Yukon Nomination Certificate, which will speed-up the Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa application process. Under the Yukon Nominee Program.

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