More Jobs in the U.S. for Immigrants Over Native Americans

According to current reports, Immigrants in the USA are obtaining new jobs at the same time as it’s the inhabitants are losing their jobs.

Overseas workers in the U.S. have obtained approximately 656,000 fresh jobs from June 2009 (the official period when the economic downturn ended) till June 2010 at the same time as the overall jobs lost by U.S inhabitants comes to 1.2 million, the statement by the Pew Hispanic Center maintains.

As a result, there is a substantial increase in the rate of unemployment for Native Americans from 9.2 percent to 9.7 percent from June 2009 to June 2010. Conversely, the rate of unemployment for foreign immigrant workers in the America went down from 9.3 percent to 8.7 percent for the duration of the similar period.

As a result, there is a plain and obvious sign that the economic recovery is working in an unlike way for foreign workers and Native American, states associate director of Pew, Rakesh Kochhar, adding that this has resulted in a caution amongst the native US workers in their search for jobs in the U.S.

The US presently has far greater figure of working-age immigrants (those aged 16 years or above) getting jobs in the current times as contrast to the preceding year. As said by the study findings, the figure of Native American workers having jobs turn down from 59.3 percent in June 2009 to 58.3 percent in June 2010; at the same time as the figure of immigrant workers with jobs in the U.S. went up to 62.3 percent(in June 2010) from 61.7 percent in June 2009.

The financial recovery in the US after the slump caused by global recession is proving helpful for the immigrants in the US, states executive director of Casa de Maryland, Mr. Gustavo Torres who furthermore heads the immigrant employment center located close to Washington, D.C.

A sum of 19,000 immigrants obtained new jobs in the US in the 12 months ending on June 2010 at the same time as the number of job placements by Casa was 16,000 in the preceding year.

As said by Mr. Kochhar, sending money to their resident country is an essential part of their working in the US; hence, they are more open to different task and hard jobs in the US.

The study has been the result of the joint efforts of the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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