How To Immigrate To USA From Canada

Below are some ways that you can obtain a visa or immigration to live and work in the US from Canada:

1. Marriage (or engagement awaiting marriage) to a US citizen.

2. You have skills that are in highly demanded in the US e.g. scientific or medical training. A degree is usually a must. Or you have better expert skills with at least 12 years experience. (H visas)

3. You have a company who is willing to transfer you - but even the company has to make a good standing for you - so you have to be a manager if not you fall under category (2) above.(L visas)

4. You may obtain a Green card in the DV diversity lottery if you hold a dual nationality and your parent country is eligible to take part in DV

5. You possess or buy business (does not obtain you permanent resident status i.e. no green card) you must be a national of a qualifying Treaty countries. The business have to have a minimum value of around $150k (more the better) considering you will require anywhere to live and with any startup business you will require at least 2 years living money as back up. So a figure of $350k would be a nearer minimum (E-2 visas)

6. You are an "investor" i.e. you have as a minimum US $1m in assets to bring with you. Half of that in a few areas. And your backdrop will be investigated to the hilt. (EB-5 visas)

7. You have a close family member (mother, father, brother, sister and no further) who is an US citizen who would sponsor you, approx time this take 2-12 years?

8. The R1 visa is obtainable to foreign members of spiritual denominations, having genuine non-profit religious organizations in the U.S., for entering the U.S. to continue the activities of a minister or religious worker as a line of work, occupation or vocation


Christie Lee said...

These are traditinal ways. Is there any easy way to move to usa from canada

Anonymous said...

It can't be that hard... Four hundred thousand Mexican unskilled laborers do it every year....

Anonymous said...

hat applications do i have to do to get my fiance to the states with me... by the way i am an american citizen.... any advice?

Anonymous said...

I wish to move to the states one day since they have a bigger job market for the trade I'm studying.

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