UK Tier-1 Visa Started Again!

The UK Border Agency has started issuing Tier-1 (General) Visas yet again from 1 November 2010. On 19 July 2010, the UK Government introduced an temporary boundary on the figure of initial Tier-1 (General) Visa applications to 600 that can be issued each month; On 20 October 2010 the monthly limit had been reached and the UK Government closed Tier-1 (General) Visas.

As of 1 November, the Government is another time issuing Tier-1 General Visas. Applicants who were put on seize because of the cap will now be route in the order in which their visa application was received.

Tier-1 (General) is division of the UK's points-based immigration system. Applicants are attaining on criterion for instance age, past earnings, and qualifications. If you are a well skilled person, you may be entitled to receive a visa which will let you to work for any company in the UK or be self-employed. A job-offer from a UK employer is not necessary under the Tier-1 (General) visa.

Due to the new provisional limit on Tier 1 (General) Visa applications, Tier 1 General Visa dispensation times are probable to go up in future. If you wish to keep away from future delays in the processing of your visa application it would sensible to submit an application sooner rather than later.


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