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Canadian employers have far above the ground demand for NOC 2151 architects as plenty of Canadian employers have high requirement for architects in the country. That’s why this occupation is included in the 29 demanded occupations for Canadian Immigration. For that reason architects all over the world who are planning to have a magnificent future can come across Canada as an alternative to work and have an incredible prospect in the country.

Initially, it is mandatory for Architects working in other countries to know that a flourishing and ace upcoming lies facing them if they will think working in a country like Canada. The kind of working conditions and salaries they obtain in their home country are far improved than their home country. So, when the similar quantity of work gives you more salary, why not immigrate to Canada under NOC 2151.

Salaries of NOC 2151 Architects in Canada:
One thing is for certain that the earnings count is much superior to what you may obtain in your home country. To the extent that the salaries of Architects in Canada are concerned, different people obtain salaries in keeping different experience and qualification that they have.

Statistics say that a senior project architect in Vancouver ought to top $100k. And the chances are that the sum of salary is possible to obtain higher if you are working with a better company. To the extent that the interns are concerned, they also run to make about 45-55k, a salary which can rise till $60-80k, depending upon the employer.

Qualifying Criteria for 2151 Architects:
• It is compulsory for the candidate to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from some documented institution of architecture. Besides that, it is necessary to have cleared the examination for architect registration.
• It is necessary for the applicant to have decked with an experience of as a minimum of one year in the interrelated field.
• To the degree that the general experience is concerned, an individual must have experience of approximately 2-4 years.
Other factors also play a decisive role. These are married status and skill in the English language.

Opportunities for NOC 2151 Architects:
The industry is leaving miles and there is no refute to this fact that the opportunities are vast, not only in Canada, but in other countries also. And with a financial system like Canada, a magnificent pay scale is decorated with astonishing high-tech facilities and working conditions that there is nothing left that one can ask for. You can guarantee that a wealthy future is waiting for you and your family in Canada. Some of the most excellent educational system and ace excellence of life is geared with your entrance to a country like Canada.

Don’t think too much, immediately immigrate to Canada!

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