Immigration to Canada from Dominican Republic

People of Dominican Republic have a very old tradition of Canadian Immigration. Though Dominican Republic itself is a very good place to live but the natives of Dominican Republic are always in search of better opportunities so there is a great tendency in the people of Dominican Republic to immigrate to Canada. Australia and America are two other favourite immigration Destinations for Dominos but as per a survey, 68% of dominos found Canada as the chosen country of Immigration.

Natives of Dominican Republic form a good proportion of Canada’s population. Although they are weak in English language but they are very keen to learn English in order to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker.

If you are a Dominican Republic national and want to apply for a Canada Visa, you have to contact Canada Visa office at Santo Domingo. This office is responsible for receiving visa applications from the citizens of Dominican Republic and Haiti. The Location and Mailing Address of office is as follows

The Canadian Embassy
Av. Winston Churchill 1099
Torre Citigroup en Acrópolis Center, piso 18
Ensanche Piantini, Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic
Immigration Fax Number: (809) 262-3125

The Santo Domingo office does not allow or act in response to telephone calls. The most excellent way to contact visa office is via email or fax. Email address of Canada Visa office in Dominican Republic is:

Please note that if the answer of your question is available on our website or on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website (, Canadian visa office at Santo Domingo will not give a response to your message.

By supplying your email address, you are begin an email message with our office and thus authorizing the Immigration Section to use your email address for communication with you, including the transmission of private information on your file.


Spencer said...

It certainly is different weather than Canada but if you make the move to the Dominican Republic you certainly won't regret it!

Comrade said...

Yes, I agree.
Dominican Republic is the best country to reside.
Its weather, its people, its culture all are unforgettable

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