Guidelines for Invitation Letter | Canadian Visit Visa

If you are planning to go to Canada to visit a friend or relative, an invitation letter is usually needed to obtain the visit visa of Canada. All you require to do is request your sponsor (friend or family member) to send you an invitation letter. Send them all the key information about yourself and consent to them writing the letter.

It is recommended that that you ask him/her to courier the invitation letter to you by usual mail, in this case you can place the letter with the stamped wrapping in your application package. The stamped envelope is essential for the reason that it makes it shows some form of genuineness. Though, previous to mailing out the letter, request your sponsor to scan the signed letter and send a copy to you via e-mail. You will make use of this copy if you do not take delivery of the mailed letter on time. My friends and family have often used the scanned copy and it has worked for them efficiently. Yet, it is recommended that you make use of the original copy if achievable.

Required Information About Visitor:
Your letter should include the following information concerning the person being invited:
• Complete Name Of Visitor
• Date Of Birth
• Address And Telephone Number
• Your Relationship To The Person Being Invited
• The Purpose Of The Trip
• How Long The Person You Are Inviting Intends To Stay In Canada
• Details On Accommodation And Living Expenses
• The Date The Person You Are Inviting Intends To Leave Canada

Required Information About Sponsor:
Your letter must also take in the following information about the sponsor:
• Complete name of sponsor
• Date of birth
• Address and telephone number in Canada
• Occupation
• Whether you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
• A photocopy of a document proving your standing in Canada. For example, a Canadian birth certificate if you were born in Canada or a Canadian citizenship card if you are a naturalized citizen. If you are Permanent Resident, you have to send evidence of your permanent resident status (a copy of your PR card or your IMM 1000 proof of landing)


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