Canada Spouse Immigration | How to Bring Your Spouse to Canada

If you want your spouse accompany with you to Canada after marriage in another country, following are the aspects that should be remembered:

Genuine relationship:
For Canada Spouse Immigration, an important requirement is that you and your spouse must have a genuine affiliation with each other. The Immigration officers must never suppose that this relationship is crafted only to accomplish the intention of Canadian Immigration!
The Canada Immigration officers must never assume or guess that the applicant is trying to take benefit of the Canadian immigration system.

Clear Record of Spouse:
For Canada Spouse Immigration, make sure that the partner has an apparent background and is free from any unlawful record

Medical Fitness of Spouse:
Your spouse may be refused on the foundation of his/her medical fitness. It is obligatory to give documentation linked with health records and alike aspects.

Marriage Certificate:
Marriage certificate if very important to get Canada Spouse Immigration. The marriage certificate must act in accordance with your country’s law.


Anonymous said...


Agnes said...

Can i still use this rule even after starting the sponsorship process. My husband and i got married this year.

Comrade said...

Yes you can still use this rule

Jeda said...

Is the financial capability of a person is important to sponsor your husband to Canada from Philippines. Like if you are just a waitress but already receive the Permanent residency. Thankyou

Comrade said...

Yes.. It is important. You have to show that how will your spouse survive in canada

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