Scope of 2121 Biologists and Related Scientists in Canada!

The word Biology created from two Greek words Bios and Logos, bios means life, at the same time as logos means study or reasoning. Of course, Biology is the science of life. Biologists have makeshift every part of human life with their information, expertise, study and innovative vision.

It is the efforts of Biologists we have achieved better

•Health and medicine

Why Canada as 2121 Biologists and Related Scientists?
Worldwide workforce is at present facing great quantity of biologists, with countless colleges generating thousands of graduates each year. The recompense in this field is not enough, so why can’t you think of settling in Canada? Biologists and related scientists have been placed in Canadian main concern list of occupations. With your skills and Canadian acquaintance, you can make it big.

The following biologists are facing a shortage in Canada:
•Molecular biologist
•Biologist-veterinary parasitology
•Cell biologist
•Environmental biologist
•Marine biologist
•Plant population biologist
•Aquatic biologist
•Medical Parasitologist

How can I qualify as a 2121 Biologists and Related Scientists in Canada?
• You should have bachelor’s degree in biology or related field
• You should have a masters/doctoral degree for research opportunities, a post doctoral experience can obtain you career opportunity in academics or research projects.
• Credentials have to be certified by regulatory agencies.

What type of pay should I expect?
Consistent with the labor force survey in Canada, you will get hourly earnings of up to CDN$35. (The recompense may vary depending on your area or employer)

Your prospects as a 2121 Biologists and Related Scientists in Canada are bright, you may be employed by
1. Government agencies:
Laboratory/Field setting

2. Private companies :
o Biotech companies
o Chemical companies
o Pharmaceutical companies
o Environment related companies
o Utility and resource companies
o Health and Education sector


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