Russian Immigration | New Immigration Bill for Families of Skilled Worker Immigrants

Foreign specialists existing in Russia may almost immediately find it easier to get their families if a new immigration bill passes into law. If the changes progress Employers will find it easier to employ the workers they require helping fill skills shortages.

The Russian parliament has sketched a new legislation which will permit the spouse of a foreign skilled worker to get a work visa for the similar period of time as the primary visa holder spouse. In the past, family members had to whichever face division or see an agent of the Russian Migration Service every four months.

Additionally, an overseas skilled worker who changes position in Russia for longer than 30 days or who wishes to go away the country for longer than 90 days will not have to experience the migration process once more.

As said by Vladimir Pligin, head of the Duma committee on constitutional legislation and one of the authors of the new bill, the novel rules ought to make Russia a more striking destination for highly skilled workers.

Furthermore, companies wishing to employ highly skilled workers in the new rules will not be subject to typical Russian immigration caps.

And lastly, foreign workers will even be able to submit an application independently for a visa. These applicants will be go into into a database that Russian employers can use to find abroad skilled workers.


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