Politeness Training of Immigration Officials in Philippines

Officials of Bureau of Immigration are being given customer service training in a bid to manage their communication skills. For this, a good manners training program of three-days will start for Philippines immigration officials to teach them in clash management, business manners, regulation and good manners and newest changes in the procedures and policies.

The most recent program is aimed to make the Philippines immigration system and the procedure of the Philippines visa well-organized and customer-friendly, stated Ronaldo Ledesma, Officer-in-Charge of Philippines BI(Bureau of Immigration) in a report here.

At the same time as revealing concerning the training program for immigration officials, Mr. Ledesma said that the aliens meet the immigration officials whilst arriving at the nation’s airports. Hence, it’s of immense significance that they present a specialized plus a constructive image of the department in strict harmony with the trademark traits of good manners and hospitality of the Filipinos.

Furthermore, one more aim of this training program for the Philippines immigration officials is to assist them cope with crime including drug smuggling and human trafficking. Such international crimes are proving to be key threats to the safety and honor of the nation.

And the immigration officials of the Philippines immigration bureau typically find themselves to be at the receiving end of more than a few rude international travelers. So, there seems to be a looming requirement for projecting severe and a expert behavior by immigration officials.

Ledesma added that the cause of this training program is not only for the professional development of the immigration officials of the Philippines but also desirable for presenting a tourist-friendly approach of the country throughout the world.

Amongst the topics to be incorporated in the three-day courtesy training program to be extensive to Philippines immigration officers are all changes in the policies of the Airport Operations Division, individual consciousness and elements of presenting a optimistic image as officers of the Philippines immigration department, inconsistency management, efficient communication skills, and defining best business etiquettes which are globally recognized immigration standards, in the middle of several others.

The training plan will not, in any means, disturb the normal performance of the bureau operations at the airports as the agenda will be adjusted by the officials with those who are not in the primary batch of training.


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