5 Misconceptions in the U.S. about Canadian Immigration Policies

A lot of misperceptions exist in the United States concerning Canada immigration policies. Here are a 5 of these misconceptions and the actual scenerio:

Misconception 1: Anyone Can Immigrate To Canada.
False, it is not easier to meet the criteria to immigrate to Canada. At the same time as in the United States, immigration in Canada is regulated by wide-ranging legislation that allows for the admission of persons who meet up governmental requirements and refute of entry to those who pose a danger to public safety or national security. In 2009, over 250,000 legal immigrants were admitted into Canada. That similar year, the United States accepted approximately 1.1 million lawful immigrants. The mix of immigrant categories and foundation countries of immigrants are dissimilar for the two countries, but all must meet governmental criteria connected to security, criminality and health requirements.

Canada has extremely trained visa officers’ screen every immigrant applicants overseas to defend the safety and security of Canadians. Canada works with associates around the world to recognize and cut off security threats prior to their arrival in North America. Canada has Migration Integrity Officers in 39 locations abroad that help airlines in identifying unacceptably documented persons attempting to board flights to Canada. In the precedent five years, these officers have seized more than 30,000 unacceptably documented persons.

Misconception 2: Some of The 9/11 Hi-Jackers Entered In The USA Through Canada.
This is just not true. The 9-11 Commission dedicated substantial investigate to this issue and found that not any of the 9-11 hijackers had gone into the United States through Canada. The 9-11 hijackers had all went into the United States with legal U.S. visas.

Misconception 3: The Northern And The Southern U.S. Borders Are Similar.
There are noteworthy differences in the size and scale of unlawful activities beside the northern and southern borders. In 2005, the US Border Patrol interrupt about 1.2 million offensively documented persons on the south-western border as compared to less than 10,000 down the northern border sectors, the area situated within 100 miles along the Canada-US border.

The Canada-U.S. Smart Border statement and Action Plan, signed on December, 12, 2001, encompasses key immigration-related action steps, counting joint registered tourist programs for example NEXUS, visa policy coordination, sharing proceed passenger information, managing expatriate/asylum processing and the elimination of deportees. Jointly Canada and the United States continue to make significant development toward strengthening the secure movement of people between the two countries.

Misconception 4: Canada Has A Large Number Of Illegal Immigrants.
It is predictable that 12 million persons are in the United States lacking legal immigration status. At the same time as it is hard to determine the exact figure of undocumented persons in Canada, some media estimates run as high as 300,000 while a lot of experts consider 100,000 or less to be a more possible estimate. The numeral of illegal, undocumented immigrants in the United States raise by at least half a million persons per year — two times the numeral of legal, fully-screened immigrants entering U.S. each year.

Misconception 5: Canada Does Not Arrest Illegal Immigrants
This is false misapprehension. In Canada, the lawful basis for custody is substantively the similar as in the United States. Individuals, who stand for a danger to the public, pose a safety risk or are believe to be a flight risk may be apprehended. , If under arrest, a person looking for asylum or refugee status is not released previous to a security screening assessment is completed.


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