U.S. EB-5 Visa Vs Canada Immigrant Investor Program!

EB-5 inclination group was created in 1990 for immigrants looking for entering the United States to engage in a profitable enterprise that will profit the U.S. financial system and directly create at least ten full- time jobs. The smallest amount of investment is $500,000 for commercial enterprises located inside a rural area8 (or targeted employment area) or else $1,000,000.

In the Canada Immigrant Investor program, set up in 1986, overseas business persons establish eligibility by proving that they have recognized managerial / business experience throughout two out of last five years preceding the filing of application, a net worth of as a minimum CDN $800,000, and by positively expressing that they are eager to deposit CDN $400,000 into chosen government guaranteed securities for a period of five years.

Passive versus Active Investment:
Different to the EB-5 program, the Canadian Immigrant Investor program is a PASSIVE program: a qualify depositor is not required to release a business, or employ and manage employees. Somewhat, the investment itself is assumed to urge significant financial activity and make jobs. Actually, post visa issuance, the candidate can carry out any action in Canada, including but not limited to doing jobs and living off extra passive investments. Certainly, he can do active business also. If he does business, there are no limits on geographical area and site and nature of business activity and on any minimum number of employees that business must employ.

EB-5 program is an active investment program and is actually expected to make proven employment that is make through a feasible and registered commercial enterprise. The EB-5 regulations need involvement in management or strategy making. The regulations think a limited associate in a limited partnership, which is correctly structured and that conforms to the Uniform Limited Partnership Act. Having said so, these plans is used by professionals, businessmen, and people planning their children’s learning and attend US colleges and Universities and looking for a fine quality of life or looking for retirement in the USA. The EB-5 visa is a extremely flexible program and permits the investor to what he wants, including looking for employment in USA.

Stage and Timing of Investment:
Canadian Immigrant Investor program need investment following the applicant's documents and applications forms and narratives/ declarations as look upon net worth buildup and business experience have been reviewed by the Visa offices and he has been out from side to side a selection interview. Make payments for immigrant investor program has its own costs, particularly foreign exchange transactions and transfer costs not to whine the require to pay a debt once net worth and assets to arrange for liquid funds required for transfer. Therefore, from applicants view point it makes sense to make funds transfer- to meet the requirements of meet the criteria investments- after his application has received provisional approval.

EB-5 case events requires an investor to primary create a qualifying investment, and then file a Form I-526 petition (and behind documents) with USCIS. After this the U.S. Department of State's National Visa Center will procedure the EB-5 immigrant visa through the local U.S. consular post with authority over the position of residence. The EB-5 immigrant visa is used to go into the United States, which commences the two-year provisional legal permanent resident status. The candidate must therefore be prepared for situations where - if his request is denied - he would have acquired irrecoverable expenses on foreign exchange transfer and then return. He may also have disposed off some precious asset to arrange liquid funds in the primary place and would be required to search for new investment assets. He must factor in expenses and costs and losses that he may incur at the same time as going through sale and buy of assets. From the time that he makes the investments and time he take delivery of the money back, he will require to factor in the lost interest in the process. In addition, he would lose the fee the he would have paid to the legal representative for applying for the application in the first place!


Anonymous said...

I have a total investment of 2 crore IND Rs. Please suggest me an investor immigration program which best suits this amount

Khadeeja said...

My husband want to immigrate US under EB5. He has 65 Million Rs Cash in hand. Is it sufficient for EB5 program. We dont have any relatives in USA

Jose Mellott said...

This is definitely the program for you if you've got the equivalent of 500k USD to invest (you get this money back, or at least most of it). The eb-5 visa program is one of the fastest ways to LPR.

Anonymous said...

With the Canadian investor program requirement increased to C$800,000 (almost same in USD) - the amount needed is 3.5 crore roughly.
Compared to this the EB5 program, only requires USD500,000.
Add to it that the processing time for US green card is 6 to 8 months and for Canada it is is 2 years or more.
[got some of the above data online - you might want to verify it also. got some data from a investor immigration comparison website at ]

Anonymous said...

EB5 Is not secured , you can lose the 500K as well as the Green Card , Canada investor program is a guaranteed program by the government ! of course the new program for Canada is faster and secured than any other program in the world. I already applied. but you should choose a good lawyer

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