DV-2012 | U.S. Green Card Lottery is Ending in 2 Weeks

There is slightly more than a week left if you desire to put forward your doorway for the Green Card Lottery. The admission period for the Green Card Lottery ends at 12pm EST on Wednesday 03 Nov 2010. If you are chosen for the Green Card Lottery you can then submit an application for your US Green Card and reside in the US for an indefinite period of time and work in the US for any company. It is typically quite hard to get US legal permanent residence. For those fortunate enough to succeed the Green Card Lottery route to a US Green Card is a lot easier.

Natives of the majority Countries of world can put forward their entries for the Green Card Lottery DV-2012. But there are some countries which cannot take part in US Green Card Lottery DV-2012. A list of those are detailed below. The list remains unchanged from last year:

1. Brazil
2. Canada
3. China (mainland-born)
4. Colombia
5. Dominican Republic
6. Ecuador
7. El Salvador
8. Guatemala
9. Haiti
10. India
11. Jamaica
12. Mexico
13. Pakistan
14. Peru
15. Philippines
16. Poland
17. South Korea
18. United Kingdom (Citizens of Northern Ireland are eligible, but natives of Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn, St. Helena, and the Turks and Caicos Islands are not eligible)


Anonymous said...

I am a citizen of South Africa. Am i eligible for DV-12

Richyard said...

when is the 2012 american lottrry application ending

Anonymous said...

Although DV-2012 is ending, whats the updates about DV 2013. I hear that India, Pakistan and some other countries will be included in the US Green Card Lottery 2013

Anonymous said...

I am from Ukarine and want to participate in the US green card lottery scheme. an I?

Comrade said...

Dear reader from ukarine,
Please wait for the next DV because DV 2012 is expired now

Misbah said...

I am from bangladeh and applied in DV 2012. When will the results come. Anyone who also applied and know about the results please inform me. I will be very thankful for this kind regard

Comrade said...

Nearly 6000 people from bangladesh has applied in DV 2012

Bocar said...

I am from Senegal, I graduated on top of my class started college and won the US DV Lottery in 1998, it took me forever and quite a bite of funds to get stated, but I finally got the rhythm going. However looking back in retrospect, I would not have applied to come to the US, simply I do not think it’s worth it, living in the West is not what it cracked-up to be, although I have done well for my self and am very successful indeed considering the circumstances.
In contrast I would have been a lot more happier and much more successful in many other factors (social, financial, cultural etc.) had I stayed home and sacrifice for my own country of birth. However truth be told, I am very much appreciated of what America has given me. Nonetheless, stay home and make it work, be the sacrificial lamb for the next generation.

Phil said...

In order to keep your card updated, green card holders need to enter the Renew Green Card process by filing Form I-90.

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