Fast-Track Program for International Students in Manitoba

In 2009, Manitoba greeted 13,518 newcomers, 75 per cent of whom came from side to side the Provincial Nominee Program. In the same year, 203 international students were accepted to the Provincial Nominee Program, three times extra than in 2005. The pinnacle source countries of International Students nominated to Manitoba are China (65 per cent), India (five per cent), Bangladesh (three per cent), Korea and Pakistan (two per cent each). The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has accepted over 1,000 international students since 2005.

Fast Track Program for International Students:
Some changes have been announced to Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program that would make it faster and easier for worldwide students to stay and work in the province.

International students bring a lot of benefits to Manitoba’s financial system and communities, and the province want to make sure it can continue to be a magnet for and keep the best and the brightest students. Manitoba is making itself a destination of preference for international students and meeting the needs of businesses by providing them with improved right to utilize the services of highly skilled and well-trained employees.

Commencing in 2011, worldwide graduates from a post-secondary educational program of no less than two academic years at a Manitoba institution will be capable of applying straight away to the Provincial Nominee Program ahead of receiving a tender of employment. Formerly, international graduates could only submit an application to the Provincial Nominee Program after working for a Manitoba employer for no less than six months.

As fraction of the changes, international students applying for the fast-track program will also enroll in an employment-readiness program upon achievement of their studies. The program will comprise job willingness, profession coaching and job-matching services.

By fast-tracking the immigration procedure for international graduates and helping them incorporate into the job market, Manitoba will be well placed to try to win for and retain highly skilled workers.


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