Immigration Lawbreakers Trapped in the UK!

The UK Border Agency trapped three immigration lawbreakers during a search on a Barry takeaway on Thompson Street. The 3 lawbreakers were from china who operating at the Twin Dragons Chinese takeaway. They were found whilst the immigration authorities were carrying out immigration status checks the workers of the takeaway.

Out of the three, a lady and a man did not have the right to start employment in the UK. As fraction of the search, the officials also checked the housing for the staff next to the takeaway, while they found the other lawbreaker. Afterward it was found that the boy had been living and working in the United Kingdom illegally.

The lady was put into detention who now awaits her exile from the nation. Other two offenders were put on migration bail and now they are requisite to report every week to police. As for the employer, he was given a civil punishment notice for the offenders who were wedged working during the raid. If the takeaway fails to give proofs of carrying out all the essential immigration checks while employing the two, then it faces a monetary penalty, which may go up to 20,000 Euros.

It is not a uncommon thing to find unlawful immigrants or people who are not allowable to take up employment in the United Kingdom working in restaurants or additional food chains. Illegal immigrants and employers who make use of illegal immigrants are found facing exile and penalties correspondingly time to time, but still there is no stop to these practices. Mistreatment of the immigration system of a country is hurtful. People must be alert of the immigration rules set by a country and they must abide by them for a calm and smooth running of a system!


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