UK Immigration Minister Being Cautioned by Automobile Makers

There are a lot of organizations, links and instructive bodies that have been opposing the UK’s immigration cap on non-European Union immigrants. Of behind the world’s three of the leaders in auto makers have warned UK’s immigration minister concerning the likely consequences of a lasting cap on UK visas.

In recent times, the heads of the automobile makers viz., Honda, Toyota and Nissan issued the caution stated the consequences of implementing a lasting cap on visas for international immigrants. The caution has previously been sent to the UK’s immigration minister Damian Green.

As said by the heads of the carmakers, if UK implements such a limit on immigrants, they would experience a lot of difficulties, which would comprise the limited right of entry to the world-class skilled abroad workers. And when there would be lack of highly skilled workers, the companies would absolutely face difficulties in developing latest car models in the UK. As a result, limiting production in the UK would absolutely risk many jobs in the nation. These three automobile makers utilize more than 10,000 people in Britain in total.

The UK government is heading for imposing a permanent stop on immigrant visas in April 2011. Though, it is yet to know concerning the specifications the new cap would show off but the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron indicate that the cap would be calmer than the temporary cap which is presently in place.

Immigration is a widespread movement in today’s time! People are taking immigration more sincerely over the precedent decades for it gives them the chance to lead a superior life in a new country where they are exposed to additional career opportunities. Though, it does not mean that you can show the way a good life in any country out of you occupation. This is when the role of a first rate Immigration and Visa Consultant comes into play.


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