Severe Action Aganist Fraud Marriages (Paper Marriages / Marriages of Convenience)

A meeting against paper marriages / Fraud Marriages / marriages of convenience is being held in Vancouver. Minister Kenney said in the meeting that he want to hear people’s views and experiences linked to marriages of convenience and their opinions and ideas on how best to address them. He believes that management can sometimes obtain the best ideas from the grass-roots.

To balance the town hall meetings, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) newly launched online consultations on marriage fraud. The nationwide online survey is obtainable on CIC’s website at and is open in anticipation of November 3 for public input.

Minister Kenney raised immigration fraud issues during his current visit to China, India and the Philippines, the top three sources of immigrants to Canada. There, he talked about opportunities for teamwork in combating immigration fraud, including the use of marriages of convenience or paper marriages to dodge Canada’s immigration laws. Canada is besides working closely with India to put a stop to the operations of fraudsters in the Punjab region.

Information composed through the meetings and online consultations will assist inform future actions taken by the Government of Canada to concentrate on marriage fraud.


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