Action Against Human Smugglers in Canada

Government’s is doing crack down against human smugglers who try to abuse Canada’s immigration system. The legislation of Government of Canada tabled this week evidently shows that Canada will not tolerate the mistreatment of its immigration system; whichever by human smugglers or by those who are reluctant to play by the rules.

The stopping’s of Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System Act will ensure law enforcement have the tools they require to cleaning on human smugglers. The new measures in the proposed legislation include:

•Making it easier to put on trial human smugglers;
•Imposing compulsory prison sentences on condemn human smugglers; and
•Holding ship owners and worker to explanation for use of their ships in human smuggling operations.

The Act will also help to make sure the safety and protection of Canadian communities by:

•Ensuring compulsory custody of illegal migrants for up to one year to let for the purpose of identity, inadmissibility and illegal activity.

The stop Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System Act moreover contains many measures to deter individuals from using human smugglers to arrive to Canada. Incorporated are the following avoidance measures that would specially apply to unlawful migrants who come to Canada by way of a human smuggling operation:

•Making sure that the health benefits the unlawful migrants receive are not more liberal than those received by the Canadian public from the government;
•Making sure that refugee or refugee applicants who were unlawful migrants are not clever to come back to Canada if they go back to the country from which they required refuge, or if they show in other ways that they are not legally in need of Canada’s protection; and
•Looking for to make sure that illegal migrants who get refugee status can be re-assessed within five years to decide whether they still require protection or can be go back to their country of origin;
•Avert illegal migrants from sponsoring relatives for five years.

Human smuggling, unlawful immigration and other exploitation of Canada’s immigration system cannot and will not be accepted. The gang leaders of human smuggling operations are ruthless take advantage of who cause despair and risk the lives of those they think little more than human freight that they bring to Canada’s shores.


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