Latvians Trend to immigrate to Canada

The figure of persons from Latvia obtaining permanent resident status in Canada enlarged in 2009, but remains considerably lower than the figure evidence a decade ago, as said by government statistics.

A sum of 86 persons from Latvia turn out to be permanent residents of Canada last year, an increase from 66 in 2008, in accordance with data compiled by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and released in September.

In Canadian law, permanent residents have to reside in the country for at least two years within a five-year period. Or else, they risk losing their status. At the same time as permanent residents share many of the same rights as Canadian citizens, they may not take part in elections.

Ten years ago, 230 persons from Latvia turned out to be permanent residents, rising to 286 in 2001. The figure gradually declined through 2006, when just 73 new permanent residents were recorded. Though, the number flies to 113 in 2007.

In the precedent decade, sums of 1,491 persons from Latvia have turn out to be permanent residents of Canada, in accordance with the data. That is more than from Lithuania, which contributed 1,355 new permanent residents during the same period, or Estonia, with contributed just 403.

Last year, further than 250,000 persons from around the world turn out to be new permanent residents of Canada. China, the Philippines, India and Pakistan are the top 4 source countries, in keeping with the data.


Anonymous said...

But why they are leaving their prosperous country?

Anonymous said...

Because even though Latvia is a beautiful country, we've suffered a lot regarding economical and political affairs. Some come to Canada for better benefits as well. We love our country, but sometimes it is just too hard to live there, especailly when approximetly half (or a bit more) of the population isn't even Latvian. The important political positions are normally filled by Russian/Jewish people, too. We still visit very often least most of us do. There are multiple reasons for immigrating to Canada or the U.S.A. you just have to do some research.

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