Checklist for New Immigrants in Canada!!!

If you have just landed in Canada, here is a quick checklist for you, a list which is a have to to cross check to get your very important things done:

First Few Days:
• Switch over some of your inhabitant money with Canadian money (to simplify out your transactions)
• search for somewhere to live (go for a borrowed one as hotel rooms would be an costly options at first)
• Always keep ID Proofs in hand.
• Once you land, submit an application for Health Card
• Remain the map and telephone directory along with you
• Submit an application for Social Insurance Number

Subsequent Months:
• Leave the alternative of rented apartment and start finding lasting place to live
• Search for educational institutions for the enrollment of your kids.
• Obtain a telephone installed in your home. Further services for instance medical and banking to name a few require to be deal with too.
• Have your family members vaccinate by consulting a doctor
• Look for a first-rate job to continue your living
• Mix by making friends and connecting with neighbors
• If you have NOT learnt some official language, list yourself for language classes
• Submit an application for the GST/HST Credit and Canada Child Tax Benefit

After The Completion Of One Year:
• Want to drive? This is the accurate time to submit an application for a Driving license
• Know regarding your rights and responsibilities
• What all it takes to submit an application for a Canadian Citizenship

Best of luck to all landed immigrants!


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