Introduction of Biometric System for Canadian Visa

Commencing next year, Canadian visas are going biometric. A five year project which is a division of a joint cooperation between three identities would come into action. These identities are:

1. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
2. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
3. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

In this project, Canadian visa applicants would be seen fingerprinted and photographed in the procedure of filing their applications. The year 2013 will see the execution of the high-tech biometric system.

Consistent with an official press release, the officer there at the Canadian port of entry would confirm the recognition of the visa holder at that spot. It would be make sure whether the individual holding the visa at there is the similar who was issued visa previous.

The execution of this system would make sure that false travelers are banned from entering the country in addition to from using fake documents and visas. Besides that, the biometric system would make sure that no other individual is erroneous for his or her identity at the port of entry.

Previously, countries like the US and Great Britain is using the technology of Biometric system, hence guarantee that right applicants are go into in the country. The primary stage would spectator the implementation of this equipment for Temporary Resident Visas like Student Visas and Work Permits.


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