Misrepresentation in Canadian Immigration Application

Do you know that any Misrepresentation in your Canada immigration application can put a doubt on your chances of immigration? While providing thorough information in your application for Canada immigration, you have to provide a factual and genuine detail of a variety of facts about yourself. Giving any fake information can delay not only yours but also the chances of your family members looking for immigration to Canada.

Why must you desist from misrepresentation in your Canada visa application?

• Giving false information in your application is considered a legal offense under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act;

• It reduces the probability of your family unit members for Canada immigration;

• It shows your disregard towards rules of laws and makes you doubtful in the eyes of the Canada immigration officials concerning the disrespect you might show towards Canadian laws after your immigration to Canada.

• It renders you disqualified for a certain period of time to immigrate to Canada either for studying in Canada, working in Canada, going to Canada on a Canada visitor visa or looking for permanent immigration to Canada;

• Immigration deception is considered to be a big threat to the safety and integrity of the immigration system of Canada and anybody caught to be misrepresenting the facts is probable to be deprived of any chance to immigrate to Canada.

• The opening of ‘The Cracking Down on Crooked Consultants Act’ on June 8, 2010 is another evidence of the fact that anyone found to be involved in deception either directly or under the power of any crooked immigration consultants to increase Canada citizenship or Canada visa will not be spared by Canada immigration department.

• The government of Canada has introduced more than a few measures to make sure that immigration consultation services in Canada are give only by notaries, lawyers or registered members of CSIC (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants).

• Anybody giving fake information about persecution for making refugee claims is probable to face harsh punishment as per the Canada immigration laws.

Remember, honesty is, certainly, the most excellent policy if you want to fruitfully immigrate to Canada and even a small lie might make you pay a intense price for your error.


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