An Overview of Brazil Immigration

Immigration to Brazil will be approved only to applicants who persuade the particular requirements recognized by the Brazilian National Immigration Council or the Ministry of Labor. Theoretically, there are7 cases in which a outsider can get hold of a permanent residence visa to Brazil:

1. The Administrator, Manager Or Director Of A Professional Or Business Corporation:
This group is designed to wrap inter-company transfers. Therefore, the candidate must already be employed exterior of Brazil by the parent company or by an associate or supplementary of the company that suggests employing him inside Brazil. Though, there is no minimum time for that previous employment. Necessary documents for the first step will comprise:
• evidence that the candidate is employed exterior Brazil by the parent company, or an affiliate or subsidiary of the Brazilian hiring company;
• A expression that the Brazilian company is bringing in particular labor that will transfer technology, add to productivity and/or bring social benefits;
• Evidence that the company outer of Brazil or its parent has effected total foreign-capital investments of at least US$ 200,000 in the employing company in Brazil for every visa requested.

2. Administrator, Manager Or Director Of A Start-Up Business:
Planned and fresh start-up companies might apply for an utmost of three visas, basically for the executives who will obtain the operation off the ground. The following conditions will apply in this type of visa:
• Evidence that the non-Brazilian company has been in trade exterior of Brazil for at least five years;
• Power of attorney granted by the foreign investor to its new lawful representatives for the reason of setting up the business in Brazil;
• A visa of this kind will be issued originally for two years. The candidate company must show that after this period it will be able to get together the minimum investment or job creation criteria laid down for transfers to an established company (see above).

3. Investor:
An outsider who intends to stay permanently in Brazil and will spend foreign funds in productive activities, so fascinating or training specialized labor. This class was planned for those foreigners who wish to spend funds (minimum of US$ 50,000) in any type of productive activity in Brazil. This kind of permanent visa is issued provisionally for five years. previous to this period ends, the foreigner must show to the Federal Police that he talented with his plan of amalgamation of Brazilian employees and his investment plan so his visa can be re-validated.

4. A Researcher Or High Level Specialist:
The applicant must provide:
• A certificate from a Brazilian research institution manifesting its interest in the services of the researcher;
• A curriculum vitae and suitable academic references and diplomas.

5. Retiree:
A retired foreigner, over 50 years of age, who will transfer to Brazil the monthly equal of at least US$ 2,000. There is no boundary to the figure of dependents who may also take delivery of permanent residence visas, but the main candidate must give proof that they are real dependent relatives, as defined in Brazilian law.

The major applicant has to prove he has a pension of at least US$ 2,000 a month. This will give the right him to visas for himself and two dependents. The candidate must show an additional US$ 1,000/month for each extra dependent, over and over the two already mentioned, and must provide, amongst other things:
• A statement from the overseas agency accountable for paying his retirement pension, informing the total monthly sum of the benefit;
• A bank statement authorizing monthly transfer of at least US$ 2,000.

6. Marriage to a Brazilian citizen:
This case is enclosed by a resolution of the National Immigration Council. A permanent residence visa is decided to foreigners married to Brazilian citizens. Request is made to the Ministry of Justice (normally via regional Federal Police offices, which represent the ministry at a State level) or to a Brazilian consulate abroad. Evidence (e.g. wedding certificate, statement from witnesses) must be presented of the marital union. Immigration officials will affect a shock visit to the couple's home to confirm that the relationship is not a "marriage of convenience” or paper marriage that has the principal purpose of falsely obtaining a residence visa.

7. Foreigner with Brazilian children:
This case is covered by a decree of the National Immigration Council. A permanent visa is usually granted to the overseas parent or parents of a Brazilian child. Request is made to the Ministry of Justice (normally via regional Federal Police offices, which stand for the ministry at a State level) or to a Brazilian consulate abroad. The offspring should be efficiently dependent on the foreign mother or father and be under the custody of the applicant.

Immigration to Brazil could be hard and long process if you are not recognizable with the laws and regulations. It is additional complicated by the truth that the immigration authorities in Brazil hardly speak English and all orders are in Portuguese.


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