Mexicans Moving to Canada

Canadian companies are reaching out to Mexican immigrants which are already frustrated by US restrictions. The Canadian government has been making an attempt in current weeks to be a magnet for students and skilled workers from all over the world. Canadian companies promising jobs and visas are furthermore attracting Mexican professionals to move to Canada.

Canada has its arms open to Mexican immigrants and the United States has its arms closed. It's as simple as that, accountant Marcos Ramirez Posadas said as he stood lined up with other visa applicants outside the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City.

The cause, immigration specialists say, is that Canada needs further people to fill the gap in its economy and to better sustain from global financial crisis. Mexicans are enthusiastic to fill the need. Previous week, the Canadian Embassy's switchboard was flooded after local television aired an advertisement from an immigration law firm concerning moving to Canada, embassy presenter Luis Archundia said. None of the fresh ads has been positioned by the Canadian government itself, he said.

Canada has an easy-to-follow skill-based immigration system. The U.S. system is more slanted, with consular officials exercise the power to approve or refuse applications without clarification.

CIC said it would spend more to accelerate citizenship applications and vowed to triple citizenship approvals for parents and grandparents of immigrants. While they're coming up for citizenship, those people will get five-year, multiple-entry visas to visit their children in Canada.

That kind of greeting is drawing Mexicans by the thousands. The figure of legal, temporary workers in Canada from Mexico rose approximately 69 percent, to 55,344 from 23,261, from 2003 to 2010, the newest year for which statistics are obtainable.


Mexican Citizen said...

we were free to move canada but y canada has changed its rules???????

Anonymous said...

yeah canada has it's arms open to Mexican,and i thank canada from the bottom of my heart.why doesn't usa though?they act like we're bad people.why is it always mexicans.why does everyone judge and talk about mexicans?we're not bad people maybe some are but we all have bad people in arem religions.we're just looking for a better life sorry if that botheres's not fair though we have are arms open when you guys come into aour country.why doesnt usa?..

Anonymous said...

I have a friend in Mexico that I would love to see move here to Canada. He wishes to live a simple life away from the problems of his home country and have a chance to start new elsewhere. He works hard to achieve not only his university but his English skills also by taking an English class in Mexico. I support and admire his decision and his guts to leave and go where he has no family. He makes me very proud to call him my friend and I truly hope the best for him always. I will be there for him as his first friend in Canada, no question about it.

Comrade said...

We wish best of luck to your friend

Anonymous said...

im 18 years old i live in tijuana mexico
and ive heard great things about canada!
i really want to move over there when i finish high school but i dont know anyone from canada and i think it would be a little hard to start fresh by my own. What opportunities do i have if i want to move over there? Would i be able to find a good job and start school?

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