New Types of Visas and Green Card of USA

New visas and Green Cards would be given by the immigration officials in the United States so as to stop deceitful activities from being conducted. The new Green Cards would have the electronic means fixed information and photos. This alteration has been brought about it make it tougher for the fake of visas and Green Cards.

The latest documents would hold holographic images along with laser imprinted fingerprints. These are the current security upgrades which are now a fraction of the new US Green Cards. With these, new citizenship official document would also be given with a new set of features which would stop them from being sham and tampered.

Conversely, on the word of the critics, these upgrades in safety are of no use till the amendments are not brought about in the submission processes for the US visas and the Green Card. in accordance with Steven Camarota, Research Director, Center for Immigration Services, the applications for the visa and the Green Card have to be additional investigated. With the rubber stamping in place, the new card issued is not anything more than the procedure of verification which tends to be missed out on.

According to Alejandro Mayorkas, Director, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, his section is very grave when it comes to the safety of the applications pertaining to visa and Green Card. This is the uppermost priority for his agency particularly when it comes to the national security and preventing against any form of fake activities.


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