Improvements Required in CIC's Existing System!

CVIt is an identified truth that Canada is one of the wanted destinations when it comes to migration. People approximately from the entire world select this target for a variety of reasons. More so, when it comes to the request process for immigration, it is very simple in comparison to the other nations.

In recent times, an inspection was conducted on the immigration division of Canada by Sheila Fraser, the Canadian Auditor-General. This audit exposed numerous instances where in there were systems which were out-of-date and therefore, incompetent. These were especially concerned with problems pertaining to Citizenship and Immigration Canada at the request procedure stage.

The major categories which require to be amended were found out to be the standards concerning customer service, tracking complaints, criticism and the computer systems. All these areas are in require to be upgraded.

It was furthermore mentioned in the report that there were certain computers in the Canada immigration that are approximately three decades old. These systems are currently being used by the employees. Together with this the officials at Canada immigration were giving mixed responses to the processing timelines for the Canadian visas. These timelines wide-ranging to dissimilar of up to three months.

It has been reported that the immigration department has given its permission to the findings exposed by the audit. They have brought out the plans for improvements to improve their system.

In particular, with Canada being one of the mainly favored nations for immigration, it is very important for the immigration department to be extremely well-organized. Such reports and audits must be encouraged to make sure that the system is modernized all the time. More so, this would stop from additional log jam of the application. This would also decrease the dealing out timelines for the immigration request also.


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