Controversy on Arizona Immigration Law!

The immigration law which was newly introduced in Arizona does not seem to have lived up to the hard sell that it had created. This law had led to loads of controversy. As indicated by this law, the local law enforcement officials have been given the power to check the immigration status of those supposed to be unlawful migrants. This law has been enforcing about three months ago.

Days previous to the execution of this law, few of the major clauses were blocked by a judge. Considered to be the toughest immigration law with it being quite a little bit after its execution. This law was condemned by many claiming that this law would cause racial profiling.

A lot of local residents decided to go away from the state in the panic of being targeted just by the way they looked. There were comparable cases and lawsuits that were filed beside this law. Though, the law does not seem to have lived up to most horrible fears of the opponents and at the similar time, it was absolutely not worth for those either who had wedged their hopes with it. In keeping with the major law enforcement agencies in Arizona together with immigrant-rights groups, no major detain or citations have been made in this regard.

There is one more facet here…statutes were shaped under the Senate Bill 1070. Though, mo occupant of the state has made unnecessary use of this feature of the law. As said by this law, an administrator or an agency could be sued by a occupant for not enforcing this federal immigration law to the full degree.

Conversely, Judge Susan Bolton had blocked the four main provisions in this law which permitted the police officials to verify the status of the person under doubt. Although, an plea has been made by Governor Jan Brewer against this ruling, nothing worth seems to have appear of the entire which led immigration to be discuss in the political circuits.


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I am residing in arizona undocumented. I belong to Brazil. I am very fearful of my future. My children are also frightened

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