Basic Information Of Quebec

Identified as “la belle province” (the stunning province) to its locals, Quebec is Canada’s biggest province and home to just about 7,600,000 people. Quebec is a lively multicultural province; often make it gratitude as the “Europe of North America”. Quebec is also well-known for its huge forests, rolling hills and innumerable waterways. In actual fact, Quebec has over 1,000,000 lakes and waterways, giving it more clean water than any other province.

Quebec is the just province whose administrator language is French. The capital city of province is Quebec City (670 000). Quebec is moreover home to Canada’s second largest city, and the second principal French speaking city in the world, Montreal (3.6 million people). Other main cities are all located in nearness to the St. Lawrence waterway (which links Quebec and Montreal to the Atlantic Ocean) and comprise Trois-Rivieres, (48,419) Sherbrooke, (152,100), Chicoutimi-Jonquiere (162 500) and Hull (62,339). While the end of World War II, more than 650,000 immigrants from over 80 countries have moved to Québec, chiefly to the multicultural city of Montreal.

These days, Quebec is the favorite destination for prospective immigrants.


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