Australian Immigration Policies Disheartened International Students

There has been a strong turn down in the figure of international students applying for Australian student visas because of the harsh policies of Australian immigration department.

Following factors have together played their role in affecting the number of international students:
• More than a few changes in the SOL (Skilled Occupation List) of Australia
• Longer dispensation times for Australian visa applications
• well-built Australian dollar and increases in the fees by Australian universities

The international students appear to be choosing alternate nations such as Canada and USA in favor of Australia for studying abroad.

Stating concerns concerning the entire issue, Senator Evans said that Australia is, unintentionally, facing a harsh downturn in the figure of foreign student enrolments and such a situation is probable to stay on for the coming year also.

Among the nations being selected by foreign students for studying comprise the US, the UK and Canada. And the waning foreign student enrolments in English courses are going to pose bigger problem in the coming times, Mr. Evans admitted.

At the present time, around 27 percent of overseas student enrolments in Australia are from China and at the same time as the percentage of enrolments for university studies from China is far greater.

As per Beijing’s teaching sources, there has been reduce of around 40 percent in the figure of forward enrolments for a few institutes while there has been a turn down of 10-20 percent all through the industry.

The worldwide economic slowdown, hard global competition, an increasing Australian dollar and new tighter Australian student visa rules have get worse the problem of turn down in overseas student enrolments in Australia, asserted Mr. Evans.

He worried on the requirement of upholding the honesty of Australian immigration program while repeat his commitment for working with overseas education providers for knowing the ways to make education opportunities in Australia highly spirited with those offered by other nations.

The subject of falling international student enrolments in Australia is possible to be discussed with university administrators by Senator Evans during his visit to Beijing this week.


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