Canada Looking For Assistance from Australia on Unlawful Migration!

Illegal migration is one of the major issues to be deal with the world over. Since Canada is one of the most terrible in this regard, the immigration officials from the state are looking for advice from their complement in Australia.

It was exposed by Jason Kenney, the Canadian Prime Minister that the immigration department of the nation has get in touch with the immigration brains of Australia so as to combat the regular inflow of refuge that are entering Canada. The Prime Minister also talk about the Australian immigration intelligence as an proof for the need of having stronger laws for immigration, particularly those entering the nation illegally.

Consistent with Mr. Kenney, the Australians are ready with huge intelligence capacity in all the transit nations where these smuggling consortiums function. It seems that these intelligence sources have found that these organizations have been targeting Canada for all these activities and have the ability to bring in more such large vessels each year into the nation. If this information is correct and if action is not taken; more vessels like the Sun Sea might happen in due course of time in the next year. This would absolutely pose a danger to the public consensus on immigration and refugee protection in the nation.

Little days, the Prime Minister had brought about a new set of tough laws next to asylum seekers who have entered the nation unlawfully. Of the numerous laws brought about, the most contentious is the one which permits the Public Safety Minister to make a decision if the refugee applicant is eligible as being “irregular” arrivals when he has come to the nation unlawfully. Such claimants could then be detained for approximately a year till the study takes place.

Freshly, a boat containing 492 Tamil migrants had arrived in the nation unlawfully which led to fresh investigations into the subject of illegal migration.


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