Canadian Citizenship - 17 Reasons of Delay

CIC is committed to processing applications inside the times listed in the section General Processing Time for Routine Applications. On the other hand, your application might be delayed for any of the following reasons:

1. You do not pass the citizenship test.
2. You do not inform CIC of a change of address.
3. You ask us to delay your test, hearing, or ceremony.
4. You do not appear for your citizenship test, hearing, or ceremony.
5. Your application is not complete. Please make sure you sign your application and send the accurate fee.
6. Your application does not have the essential supporting documents.
7. You ask us to transfer your application to another office.
8. CIC is in the process of verifying that there are no immigration, criminal, or security issues that may affect your application for citizenship.
9. You need to submit fingerprints in order to verify your identity and confirm that you do not have any criminal charges or convictions that could affect your application.
10. Your signature does not fit in the white signature strip on the front of your photographs or you do not sign your photographs with your usual signature.
11. You do not send the accurate photographs.
12. You need to supply extra documents or have an interview with a citizenship officer.
13. Your documents are in a language other than French or English and you have not sent satisfactory translations along with an affidavit from the translator (see the appropriate application for instructions).
14. You need a hearing with a citizenship judge to assess your ability to speak and understand English or French and your knowledge of Canada. The citizenship judge may also need to check to confirm you meet the residence requirement and to make sure you are not subject to any immigration, criminal or security prohibitions. There may be other reasons why you need to see a citizenship judge.
15. You live more than 100 kilometers from a Citizenship and Immigration office.
16. Where there is an indication that a criminal record may be involved, we must be sure that there is no mistake about your identity. The only way to avoid such a mistake is by checking fingerprints. This step may take approximately eight to 12 months to complete.
17. You have been asked to complete a residence questionnaire and give documents proving residence in Canada.


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Anonymous said...

After all the delays, for example correction of pictures. How many more days extra to wait?

Anonymous said...

How long to wait on citizenship ceremony?
Residency questionaire completed in August 2012,
and no response. Not required to take the test.
Why does the Atlantic provinces have so few
ceremonies... and move so slow with so few

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