Australian Skilled Migration Required To Shun Skills Shortage

As per the findings of a current Skilled Migration Survey, staffing of skilled immigrants seems to be the newest trend for employers in Australia as the nation sees forecast of a alarming skills shortage in the coming times.

The survey by KPMG for the year 2010 disclose that greater part of small businesses in Australia are being bound to think out of the box by resorting to increased skilled immigration. The survey shows the present practices of companies in Australia in employ and preservation of skilled immigrants under the Australian government’s 457 visa scheme.

Presently, there are a full amount of 68,400 immigrants in Australia possessing 457 primary visas, the newest data from the DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) shows. It’s predictable that approximately 50 percent of survey respondents will way out to recruiting extra workforce under the 457 visa scheme amid the growing fears of a significant turn down in the skilled migration over the future two years. The study involving 236 companies by KPMG reveals that approximately 60 percent of survey respondents revealed of not reducing the levels of skilled migration and 50 percent said they were facing acute skills shortages.

Head of migration practice for KPMG, Karen Waller said that there has been an boost in the applications for 457 visas by around 20 percent in the month of May this year making it the second-highest month of applications received till date this year.Mr. Waller affirmed that the 457 visas offer flexibility to businesses in bridging the break between the supply and the demand of temporary skills shortages in Australia by hiring skilled immigrants.

Nearly 50 percent of those upcoming to Australia under 457 visas have gained permanent residency in Australia. And 457 visas are helpful to both the workers and employers in Australia since such a visa program comes with a try-before-you-buy scheme, added Waller. Findings of a report by Access Economics reveal that net relocation levels are set to fall from 241,000 in the preceding year to 170,000 in the coming few years. No wonder, that’s the reason why two-third of the study respondents want the Australian government to get a look at the skilled visa limits. Among the areas experiencing high demand for skilled immigrant personnel including trades, construction, engineering and manufacturing.


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